Abroad Teaching Jobs Become Eligible To Teach Globally?

Become Eligible To Teach Globally

We must find ways to engage our students globally with authentic learning experiences that will connect them with others around the world.

Malala Yousafjai

The role of a teacher has metamorphosed from an information giver to providing enriching experiences to prepare students for a complex interconnected world. The teacher now has to cater to a diverse student population and ensure that education encompasses physical, mental, and socio-emotional well-being. Teaching now encompasses knowledge and skill sets that will equip the students not just to survive but also to thrive in an interconnected world.


What Is Global Competence For Abroad Teaching jobs?


● Knowledge that has its foundation in analytic and critical thinking.

● Appreciating multiple perspectives, and displaying empathy.

● Skills like effective communication and collaboration.

● Teachers who are subject experts but can create interdisciplinary units.

● Ability to make real-world connections from the local to the global.

● Integrating teaching with technology.

● Deepen your knowledge through professional development.

● Be a lifelong learner, passionate and curious to explore and discover.


Why Do Teachers With Global Competency Are Suitable For Teaching Abroad?


A teacher with global competency nurtures and cultivates a spirit of inquiry through a learner-centered classroom and endeavors to deliver personalized instructions. Student agency is high in these classrooms and the teacher adopts the role of a facilitator. Teachers work in an atmosphere of collaboration and develop interdisciplinary modules that will deepen conceptual understanding and enrich every class experience. Teachers ideate and develop lessons that are inquiry-based, experiential, and expeditionary in nature. With the aid of technology, teacher outreach can now expand from the local to the global thus building cross-country collaboration to curating resources.

While a formal education provides the basis for building subject expertise, teachers need to be equipped and empowered to develop skills like communication, critical thinking, and creative thinking to teach globally.Teacher training programs lay emphasis on the above and ensure these are developed to an optimum. Through internships and practice teaching, teacher educators now have the opportunity to practice mindfulness in the classroom, co-creating lesson outcomes, and success criteria, and establishing group norms wherein students are the producers of knowledge.

Nationally and Internationally, there is a requirement for teachers who create relevant and enriching classroom experiences. For a teacher to get recruited, there are placement fairs that provide opportunities at the international level. A teacher must register for these fairs. These fairs provide an opportunity to understand the school's vision, mission, and curricular approaches. Teachers could also go through the placement/ job fairs conducted by teacher training organizations. These act as a liaison between the schools and the teachers and build a network that is beneficial to both.

Vidya Vageesh

Teacher Educator/IB Teacher

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Vidya Vageesh
Teacher Educator/IB Teacher

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