Effective Teaching Methods and How to Use Them

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In this constantly changing educational environment, effective teaching methods help educators improve their teaching style. By using these teaching methods, you can recognize that students will learn in different ways and adjust their teaching strategies to suit their students and materials. Incorporating effective teaching methods into lesson plans can increase opportunities for students to participate in the learning process and support their academic performance. Understanding the different effective teaching methods helps one to decide which method to be used while teaching.

Effective education is a term used to describe the knowledge, strategies, and actions of successful educators. This is the ability to have a positive impact on a student's life and academics, such as teaching important life skills, new concepts, and also how to manage classroom concerns. Educators typically use effective teaching methods to help students learn at a steady pace and gain a better understanding of the subject.

Important and trending teaching methods used to uplift the 21st century skills.
A few important and trending pedagogies used by teachers to uplift the21st century skills are Flipped classroom, Project based teaching and learning, Cooperative learning, Gamification, Problem based teaching and learning, Design thinking, etc. let us understand these pedagogies.

Flipped classroom: One of the recent methods followed popularly by teachers is the flipped classroom. It is a pedagogical approach where the traditional lesson elements which are taught by the teacher are reversed and the main educational materials are studied by the students at home and, then, worked on in the classroom. It is also commonly considered as integrating technology in the teaching process.

Gamification: This is another important and in demand methodology used by the teacher. As kids are always attracted towards games and animation, they will take interest in studies. In the past few years this Ed Tech industry has evolved a lot, due to which videogames and their use in teaching learning process has also evolved. 

Project based learning: One of the most used and effective methodologies nowadays is project based learning or PBL. In this the key skills and knowledge of students are developed while participating in a project which is mostly based on some real life problems. Project based teaching learning helps teachers to create their classroom environment effectively and have a positive impact on the learning outcome of students.

Cooperative learning: When we work together, we work strongly and bring a positive impact in learning of students. This kind of teaching and learning where students work in groups improves the communication and social skills of students. It helps in developing the attention span and knowledge of students as well.

Problem based learning: This teaching and learning process involves different stages which includes asking questions, acquiring knowledge and then growing the knowledge and understanding of the concept; As the knowledge grows there are chances of more queries or questions, thus this process is a cyclic learning process. There are educators who have shared that using this methodology helps in motivating students, developing critical thinking and creative skills along with problem solving and knowledge sharing in challenging situations.

Design thinking: Education has always been a fertile space for innovation. Teachers around the world are constantly developing new ideas and methods to implement in the classroom and get the most out of the tools at their disposal. This model, applied to education, more accurately identifies each student's individual problems and creates creativity and innovation in the satisfaction of others in their educational experience, enabling them to coexist and become symbiotic.

Thinking based Learning: This method of teaching focuses on the need of converting any information or concept taught into knowledge. In this students are asked to contextualize and analyse the concept or information; They can argue also if not able to relate the information provided. Thus its main aim is instilling effective thinking skills in students.

Competency based learning: As per the definitions, all learning methods or teaching learning processes are primarily aimed at acquiring knowledge, developing skills, and establishing work habits. Competency-based learning (CBL) presents a set of strategies to achieve these competencies. By using different evaluation tools such as rubrics, teachers can take the academic curriculum without having major deviations, but they will refocus and practice real-world examples to provide students with a concrete educational aspect.

Above mentioned teaching methods will help a teacher in motivating their students in developing 21st century skills and also help them grow as creative and thinking individuals. To become confident in deciding upon and implementation of these methodologies, a teacher needs to get trained from a good training organization which can cater to their requirements of continuous professional development. When teachers get such regular training they are able to meet the requirements of students as students are also changing with the time. To deepen the understanding, knowledge and skills a continuous professional development of teachers is required.

For classroom teachers, effective professional learning is the most effective way to promote continuous improvement in education. "Teachers engage in continuous professional learning and use evidence to influence their teaching practices, especially their decisions and actions on others (learners, families, other professionals, and communities). Continuously evaluate and adjust practices to meet each learner's needs” (Council of Chief State School Officers) – To become effective in education, they use data to reflect continuous professional upgradation which also Includes learning efforts and tailoring practices so that they can meet the learning needs of students.
There are various institutions offering online /offline workshops and short-term courses to help teachers to develop professional skills and ultimately improve their teaching and learning processes. Teachers' favourite courses include project-based learning, classroom action research, and educational technologies and various educational practices. Various universities and education and learning centres offer short-term courses ranging from 3 months to 1 year diplomas. Some institutions, such as the Aditya Birla Education Academy, are working to promote teachers and their professional skills. We offer a wide range of programs, from 2-hour workshops to 6-hour workshops, depending upon the needs. We also offer a school program where workshops are tailored to meet the needs of school teachers and school (depends upon school leader’s demands).
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