Post Graduate Diploma in Global Education

in association with B.K. Birla College of Arts, Science & Commerce (Autonomous)

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The objective of our yearlong online Post Graduate Diploma in Global Education program in association with B.K. Birla College (Autonomous) is to equip aspiring & inservice teachers with skills and competencies that are prerequisite for a 21st century classroom. This completely online program will bring in the best elements of International education through a blended learning approach that integrates rigorous and contemporary academic study with the application of learning through school-based practice.


  • Course curriculum created by world renowned educators
  • Program curriculum includes 10 Modules
  • Research methodology and Capstone project part of the year long program
  • Includes an intensive internship program
  • Mix of synchronous and asynchronous sessions
  • Course is a great fit for working professionals as classes are held after work hours or on weekends
  • Focus on environmental sustainability and technology
  • Expert facilitators from across the world delivering the course content
  • Campus placement assistance available 


  • Graduate degree in any discipline
  • Teaching experience desired but not mandatory
  • A good command of English to level C2 (agreed level of competence for English as a second language)

Internship & Placement Details

Candidates will have to seek internships in schools close to their place of residence in their cities. ABEA will provide letters to the schools seeking internships. Candidates will have to work with the schools to observe lessons, observe teachers, conduct lessons in line with the requirements of the PGDGE. At the end of the course, ABEA will conduct campus placement interviews for candidates to get placements in the schools.

Course fee will be refunded only if the course gets cancelled. It will not be refunded in any other circumstances.

  • Course Structure

    • Practicum based course with over 150 hours of internships in reputed schools, continuously monitored by ABEA team, in leading schools from across India and Middle east
    • Focus on research during the course
    • Graded reflective assignments at the end of each module
    • Submission of task-based assignments: 80% 
    • Active online reflection and participation: 20%
  • Module 1 - Fundamentals of Education
    Module 2 - Understanding Student agency
    Module 3 - Understanding by Design - Curriculum framework
    Module 4 - Content to Competency framework
    Module 5 - Teaching for the 21st Century
    Module 6 -  Data - driven assessments and feedback
    Module 7 -  Practitioner Research
    Module 8 - A world of tomorrow - Project Based learning
    Module 9 -  Teacher as a Pedagogical leader
    Module 10 - Big Ideas in Education


    Examination Pattern

    • The PGDGE course focuses on the holistic development of the participant. The focus is on the 80:20 ratio of assessment.
    • 80% of assessments of any module will be defined by Internal reading and tasks completions which will be formative in nature.
    • 20% tasks will be the end of course assignments which will be summative in nature.
  • To know more call us on +91-84240 613 77 or write to us at for more information. 
    Last date of application is 15-07-2024 for PGDGE.


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  • author

    Neha Sharma

    As I was making a transition from the corporate world to the education world, I decided to take up a course that can help me in that. I went through this PGDGE course and the website and found that the modules this course covers are designed for everyone whether you are already a teacher or a newcomer like me. My expectations from this course are that it will help me grow and excel in this new field and most importantly help me in becoming an effective teacher.
  • author

    Suchithra Sukumaran

    This program is a great remote learning opportunity to be adept in new-age teaching techniques, pedagogical approaches, and global practices. Backed with diligent support from the organisers and knowledge sharing by the industry experts, it welcomes teachers and teaching aspirants to create a global education classroom that's relevant in the post-pandemic world. Coming from an IT background, this program will help me to reskill and contribute to a better future as an effective educator.

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  •  FAQs

    Frequently asked questions:
    1. Is this program accredited?
    The Post Graduate Diploma in Global education (PGDGE) is offered jointly by ABEA and the BK Birla College(autonomous) of Arts, Science and Commerce which is NAAC accredited A grade college which is governed by the University Grants commission and follows all UGC guidelines.
    1. What is the duration of this qualification?
    The duration of this qualification is 12 months, with 4 hours of face to face classes per week and internships in schools of your choice.
    1. What are the requirements to be eligible for this course?
    A Bachelor’s level degree in any subject and good command of English Language.
    1. Is the PGDGE accepted internationally?
    PGDGE is accepted internationally and we have international students taking this course which has helped them with job placements aborad.
    1. How many modules are covered during this qualification?
    There are 10 modules covered in this qualification. Every module is assessed with assessments which are self-reflective in nature. There is a capstone project and an internship report which needs to be completed to be awarded the certification.
    1. What are the benefits that teachers receive when they enroll for this course?
      PGDGE gives exposure to expert faculty from across the globe, thereby getting exposure to global best practices. They will also get experienced in teaching practices and also placement opportunities with some of the reputed schools in India and whichever country the candidate is from.
    1. What is the duration of this course?
        The duration of the course is 12 months. Participants have to attend to online sessions for 5 hours each week, asynchronous work independently with course materials and submit assignments for each course during the duration of this program. Participants also need to undertake the capstone project and internships as the program completion requirements.
    1. How to participate in this course?
    Please fill out the registration form to participate in this course.
    1. Can the course fee will be refunded?

    The course fee will be refunded only if the course gets cancelled. It will not be refunded in any other circumstances.
    10. After completing the course, what will I be eligible to teach?

    The PGDGE is one of the best online teacher training courses with certificate. Depending upon your graduation or post graduation subject specialisation, you can teach a subject of your choice. For example, if you are a banking professional, you can teach mathematics or accounting. An economics graduate can choose to teach social science or business studies.

    11. Who can apply for this course?
    • A teacher who has finished a degree in education and aspires to upskill
    • A candidate who has taken a break in teaching and wants to get back
    • A candidate who wants to make a mid-career break and wants to make a shift in education
    • A teacher looking for global job opportunities
    • A teacher teaching with an NGO in education and wants to make a difference
    • A teacher who is teaching in Tutorial classes and wants to better the skills
    • Any one who wants to make a career in teaching or Edtech

    12. When will the classes be conducted?

    The classes will be conducted online on Wednesday & Saturday, post work hours.

    13.  Will there be scholarships for the course?

    No, there will be no scholarships offered for this course.

    14. What will be the admission process?

    Candidates will have to fill in an application form. Based on this the candidates will be selected. In case of higher volumes of applications, candidates will also have to attend an interview to be admitted.

    15. I have done my B.Ed., can I still apply for this course?

    Yes, this course will introduce you to global best practices in education and new pedagogies that are now being used across leading schools in the world. The B.Ed. will be a good foundation for the PGDGE.

    16. Is this course a replacement for the B.Ed.?

    This course is not a replacement for the B.Ed. National board schools in India require teachers to have a B.Ed. course.

    17. Is the course online or offline?

    The course is completely online and requires participants to have a fully functional laptop and an internet connection.

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