What motivates teachers to engage in professional development?

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Professional development is the most sought after way for teachers to deepen their knowledge and skills. Teachers can do this by signing up for webinars, seminars, workshops or courses. Professional development is usually mandatory at schools for their teachers. The NEP 2020 has mandated 50 hours of professional development for teachers.
Due to its importance, it is essential for teachers to feel motivated enough to invest their time and resources in professional development. Below are a few motivators for teachers to engage in professional development.
Motivators for teachers to engage in professional development:
1) Career development: Professional development often provides teachers with the opportunity for career growth & development.
2) Empowering teachers: Teacher professional development workshops help to empower teachers' strength in their area of expertise and management.
3) Recognition of stressors: Training for teachers workshops help educators recognise stressors in the classroom and work to resolve them.
4) Focus on area of interest: The desire to learn widely around an area of interest can easily be fulfilled by teacher professional development workshops india.
5) Participation certificate: This is a major motivator for teachers, especially those who are looking at meeting with the NEP 2020 norms of minimum 50 hours of training.
6) Networking opportunity: Teacher professional development workshops india connect educators to different people within the same industry
Teacher professional development workshops india are available in a variety of forms:
  1. Synchronous online workshops: These sessions are held live with a facilitator teaching a subject.
  2. Face to face workshops: These sessions are held offline with a facilitator teaching a subject.
  3. Self Paced programs: These teacher workshops have pre-recorded content that can be studied by teachers to upskill themselves.
  4. Capacity building workshops: These workshops are held for a large group of teachers across the academic year to help with building capacities in a certain subject/area.
  5. INSET workshops: These workshops are held for in service teachers at schools to upskill them together, usually tailor made to a school’s requirements.
  6. Long term courses & certifications: These are between 3 months to 1 year in length and result in a certificate or degree helping teachers find a job placement.
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