What are the eligibility criteria for a post-graduate diploma in global education?

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The Post Graduate Diploma in Global Education is Aditya Birla Education Academy’s flagship year long course from the B.K. Birla College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kalyan. Aditya Birla Education Academy is India’s most progressive teacher training institute. The B.K. Birla College has accomplished spectacular growth over the last four decades and grown as a multi-faculty premier institution of higher learning. 

This year's long course has been designed for working professionals. Classes for the course are conducted after working hours and on weekends, helping participants continue with their full time job as well. 

There are schools in India that require teachers to have a minimum qualification of Bachelor of Education or B.Ed. to be able to secure a job. However, private schools affiliated with International curricula are moving away from these prerequisites. They look for teachers who are subject matter experts and have a thirst for knowledge. These teachers are constantly upskilling themselves and bringing new practices to the classroom. It is these teachers who are able to connect with the students, introduce them to new concepts and ideas and prepare them for the careers of tomorrow.

A Bachelor of Education or B.Ed. Course in India is typically a 3 year full time degree program. This program requires prospective teachers to attend college full time for 3 years. The curriculum of this program is fairly dated. Teachers today need to be prepared to teach students who are far more tech savvy and informed than the previous generation. These teachers will be in the teaching system for the next 30 years or so and will need to constantly upskill themselves to stay relevant to the ever changing needs of students.

The post graduate diploma in global education provides prospective teachers with the opportunity to learn the new age practices of education, understand what it means to be a global teacher, and become able to support successful student learning through effective and inclusive teaching.

The post graduate diploma program is one of the leading online courses for teachers in India and gives them a chance to learn from globally renowned faculty and learn practical methods of teaching. Teachers are given an opportunity to intern with reputed schools in India and campus placement assistance is provided to all candidates who successfully complete the course.

The only eligibility requirement for this course is graduation in any discipline. Participants need to fill out a form stating why they would like to get into the field of teaching. After evaluation from our committee of facilitators, the participant is awarded admission into this course.

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