10 Reasons Why Online Seminars Offered by ABEA are Beneficial for Teachers

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Aditya Birla Education Academy is India’s leading professional development institute for educators. Prior to the pandemic, teacher training workshops were mostly conducted offline by most teacher professional institutes in India. These workshops and seminars were organised by schools for all their teachers. However, the pandemic led to teachers opting for a variety of seminars themselves. Teachers chose to upskill to stay in tune with the current needs of students via online seminars and diverse online teacher training courses.
Aditya Birla Education Academy has always prioritised the education of teachers and launched a plethora of webinars for teachers with certificates in India. These workshops for teachers online were conducted from April 2020 and included free as well as paid sessions. More than a lac teachers have benefited from these online workshops for teachers.
Here are 10 reasons why online seminars offered by ABEA are beneficial for teachers:
1) Industry Oriented Learning
The workshops are designed keeping in mind the current needs of teachers and needs of different curriculum.
2) Best Facilitators in the Industry
The experts at ABEA are school leaders and teachers from progressive educational institutions with a proven track record.
3) Peer Learning
The teachers who register for ABEA’s workshop for teachers in India are adaptable, looking for career growth opportunities and are focused on sharpening their skills.
4) Knowledge Sharing
Teachers are encouraged to share knowledge in each seminar and workshop. The online workshop for teachers are designed in a way to include interactions and inputs from all participants to encourage knowledge sharing.
5) Certificate
The online seminars culminate in certificates for participants which can help them in building their professional portfolio and encourage their professional development and growth.
6) Practical training
The teacher training workshops use a lot of practical tools. Use of practical and engaging tech tools helps teachers prepare better for their 21st century classroom.
7) Current Topics
The topics are decided based on the feedback received from teachers on the workshops that are required for them at the moment to help with classroom management.
8) Pre-program Questionnaire
Each workshop is preceded by a pre-program questionnaire to understand the learning needs of the teachers from the online seminar. The content for each workshop is then crafted keeping in mind the expectations of the teachers.
9) Connection Building in the Teaching Industry
ABEA’s teacher training workshops provide teachers with an opportunity to build connections with teachers and school leaders from across the world. This aids their peer learning and also provides a chance to network for their professional growth.
10) Live Sessions
ABEA’s online workshop for teachers is held live in a synchronous setting. This means that every participant can interact with each other and the facilitator to be able to get a better classroom experience. This contributes to the overall success of the workshop and results in better learning outcomes for the teachers as well.
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Esha Joshi
Assistant Manager - Sales and Communication, Aditya Birla Education Academy

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