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Inservice teacher training or INSET has become an increasingly popular tool to upgrade the quality of teaching in schools. These programs are school wide and directed for a group of inservice teachers. Teacher professional development workshops in India have evolved after the onset of the pandemic. More schools are now willing to invest in online teacher development courses. This has proven to be cost and time effective for schools as well as teachers.
The INSET workshops offered to schools from Aditya Birla Education Academy are a range of professional development workshops that will enhance the teaching and learning in classrooms. Continuous professional development through the range of online workshops for teachers given in our INSET catalogue will encourage teachers to plan their learning. These online workshops for teachers are extremely affordable and the quality of each program and feedback from all stakeholders is closely monitored by the team at Aditya Birla Education Academy.
Benefits of Inservice Training:
  • Professional Growth
  • Connect Better with Students
  • Learn latest tools and pedagogies
  • Improvement in Instruction
  • Creating a culture of lifelong learning
Process for finalising INSET workshops for schools:
  • Schools to select the list of workshops from our catalogue
  • The objective of the workshops is discussed with the school
  • Key takeaways from the session are finalised before the workshop
  • Post workshop, impact assessment can be discussed
Below are some of the topics from our INSET workshop catalogue:
  • Inquiry based learning
  • Differentiated instruction in the classroom
  • Collaborative teaching strategies
  • Low threat observation and feedback to staff
  • Interdisciplinary teaching
  • Mentorship
  • Best practices in pastoral care
  • Leadership for teachers
Key Takeaways: The In-Service (INSET) workshop series helps schools
  • Foster collaborative practices for continuous professional development
  • Identify gap areas and work on bridging the gap
  • Implement new and innovative pedagogical approaches
The school enhancement program (SEP) is a constructive process with a goal to review existing school practices and suggest improvement measures. The school enhancement program is self-reflective and futuristic in approach keeping the NEP 2020 mandate for improvement in schools.
At Aditya Birla Education Academy, India’s leading professional development institute for teachers, the school enhancement program looks at a five pronged approach to improve on the school's existing practices. The five areas of improvement are:
  • Leadership and governance
  • Teaching - Learning and assessment practices
  • Student welfare
  • Written - taught and assessed curriculum
  • Instructional Resources
This five-pronged approach is a quality tool provided to schools and educationists who are looking at a constructive and futuristic approach towards school enhancement. Keeping in mind the framework of the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) and also the UN Sustainable development goals 2030, this quality tool developed by ABEA will help identify the best practices in schools to further refine them and plug in the gaps through quality professional development.
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Key Takeaways:
  • Recognize gap areas between written, taught and assessed curriculum
  • Identity key areas for improvement, to hold capacity building sessions
  • Add meaning to existing good practices in the school and build on them
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Lata Punetha
Senior Manager - Marketing, Aditya Birla Education Academy & The Aditya Birla Integrated School

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