How is ABEA online workshop for teachers different from others?

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Teachers are an integral part of the education system. They have the responsibility of shaping the minds of youth, our future. It is important for these teachers to upskill themselves to keep up with new pedagogies, technologies and teaching methods as they prepare students for careers of tomorrow. Teacher training programs have mostly been offline in India and organised by schools for all their staff. However, due to the pandemic and the subsequent online school, teachers have been pushed out of their comfort zones to adopt technology, learn from online teacher development courses. Teacher professional development workshops in India have evolved and teachers have adopted online learning for their upskilling and growth as well.
Aditya Birla Education Academy is one of the best teacher training institutes in India and offers a variety of online workshops for teachers. There are about 7 new workshops introduced every month on new topics for teachers. Webinars for teachers with certificates in India have now picked up pace and here are some reasons that differentiate ABEA’s online workshops from others:
  1. Bespoke workshops
Aditya Birla Education Academy organises workshops for teachers online on topics that are essential for teachers depending on the academic year. These teacher workshops are organised for teachers belonging to various boards - both national and international.
Some of the topics for our online teacher training courses are as follows:
  • Low-threat lesson observation, feedback and reflection
  • Making Critical Thinking Visible in the Classroom
  • Teacher Training Workshop on Universal Design for Learning for Blended Classrooms
  • Teacher Training Workshop on Visible Thinking Routines for Online Classrooms
  • Workshop for Educators on Implementation of Hybrid Model in Schools
  • Teacher Training Workshop on Designing Math & Science MCQs
  • Teacher Training Workshop on Formative Assessments for Primary School Students
  • Teacher Training Workshop on the Art of Storytelling for Pre Primary & Primary Teachers
  • Teacher Training Workshop on Methods to Ideate as per Design Thinking
  1. Feedback
At Aditya Birla Education Academy, India’s leading professional development institute for educators, we take our feedback very seriously! At the end of every session, both qualitative and quantitative feedback is taken from our participants and their queries are addressed by our quality and academics team at ABEA. We ensure that learning needs of all educators are met, in our sessions.
  1. Certificate
Upon completion of workshops and evaluation by the facilitator, an e-certificate is provided to educators. This certificate helps teachers build their portfolio and showcases their love for lifelong learning!
  1. Expert Facilitators
Each facilitator shortlisted by Aditya Birla Education Academy is an expert in their respective fields. These educators and school leaders come with years of experience and are focused on upskilling themselves constantly. This enables them to teach tried and tested concepts in online seminars for teachers.
  1. Peer Learning
The educators who participate in our online workshop for teachers are provided with an opportunity to stay in touch with one another via our Facebook community. Click here to join the community.
Here they can share, get their queries resolved and help each other grow.
  1. Mentoring Support
Teachers who attend our online workshops can always reach out to us for queries after the workshop as well. The team at Aditya Birla Education Academy provides consultative support and mentoring to educators to help them implement their learnings in the classroom and improve their classroom teaching methodologies.
Want to attend an online workshop for teachers? Visit our workshop page: and register.
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Lata Punetha
Senior Manager - Marketing, Aditya Birla Education Academy & The Aditya Birla Integrated School

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