Reasons why teacher training is the need of the hour. Avail of online teacher training workshops.

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Recently education has altogether changed, the schools may not be what a few of us recall from our own adolescence. Chalkboards have transformed into whiteboards and powerpoint presentations, etc.

Education is a never-ending process; it doesn't stop after starting a career or earning a degree. Like a good student keeps on learning within the framework of information, teaching is an evolving skill because a good teacher needs to keep on upskilling herself to be relevant in the class.

Teaching is a lifelong process and teaching and learning go hand in hand which is why it is important for schools to invest in the professional development of teachers. Below are the reasons why training workshops for teachers are important for both pre-service & in-service teachers;
  • To prepare the future individuals of our nations to be skilled and well-informed, we need to up-skill the teachers who can drive this force efficiently.
  • Training for teacher workshops fills in the gaps and removes the deficiencies that remain during the preparation for educational degrees (B Ed, M Ed). It enhances confidence and skills in the teacher for engaging the students meaningfully.
  • Training for teacher workshops gives them a chance to step out of their regular schedule— here they become the student rather than the teacher. It keeps the educators motivated because they know they get the professional assistance they need to be better teachers
  • Continuous Professional Development has proven to be a critical part of the teaching-learning process. Training for teacher workshops puts emphasis on updating them with the latest research in the education field.
  • It’s imperative that teachers know how children learn and with the constant changes in the education system, training for teacher workshops is needed to help them learn or create new teaching strategies to encourage learning and ensure the interest of their students in the classrooms. Professional development equips the teaching environment to refine their skills and deliver a result-oriented teaching experience to the students.
  • Teachers must learn to collaborate, innovate and reflect and that’s where professional development comes into the picture.
  • Training for teacher workshops helps the teachers to track and update their assessment and teaching methods that enable them to explore more advanced and updated techniques from an academic point of view as well as for processes like webinars, extra-curricular modules, etc.
  • Lot of the time of teachers is spent on student evaluations, curriculum development, and other paperwork in addition to the hours spent in classroom preparation. Training for teacher workshops can help them to plan their time better and stay organized. This makes teachers more productive and gives them more time to focus on the student instead of paperwork.
  • Great teachers help create great students. In fact, research shows students who have well-informed teachers tend to perform far better than their peers. Hence, it is important to pay attention to how we can train and support both new and experienced educators
  • Good training for teacher workshops leads to positive learning environments. A positive environment ensures good performance from teachers and students alike. This in return leads to happy children who want to come to school.
Learn, unlearn & relearn is the only way to be an outstanding and successful teacher. Therefore, training for teacher workshops is imperative.

Without proper training for teacher workshops, it could be tricky to experiment with the practical teaching methods in a real classroom environment, as the students may fail to properly grasp the concepts and perform to their desired levels. A different approach may give a better learning experience as opposed to the one being used by the teacher at present. Such different approaches of teaching a concept must be clear by the teacher, only then alternatives can be used in the event that one fails to produce the desired results. Through the adoption of correct procedures, a teacher can gain students’ confidence and help them learn more effectively.

Today’s students will be the future of the nation and teachers are responsible for laying the groundwork for this. Hence, we have to understand that when teachers stop learning, so will students.

Hence, training for teacher workshops is the need of the hour and continuous enhancement is essential for teachers to equip themselves & cater seamlessly to the 21st-century learner.

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