What elements must a teacher training workshop have?

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Teachers are the nurturers of our education system. They are responsible for providing an opportunity for holistic development and growth to the students. The best way to ensure educational excellence is to provide top-quality teacher training to teachers. Teachers should be trained so that the students' lives become comfortable and the learning outcomes are good. Let us understand the significance of teacher training workshops in India.

Teacher training, competence, and professionalism play an essential role in the success of student learning. In order to improve learning outcomes, it is essential we work on improving the quality of our teachers. When these teachers are provided with relevant opportunities for self-growth, we can see a positive influence in the performance of students. This makes teacher training an essential part of the school.

Need Analysis
The very basics of any workshop are to do Need Analysis. Need Analysis is the process to identify the needs of training for teachers
 The way to go ahead with it is
 i) To identify the existing knowledge and skillsets of the teacher.
 II) Factor the culture and practices of the school/organisations
 III) Identify the gaps between teachers and schools’ expectations
 iv) List of the topics that need teachers to be trained upon
There are lists of tools available to do the training need analysis of the teachers, but that is one topic that can be discussed in another article.
In this blog, let us try to understand what are the essential elements of the teacher training workshops.

Need Analysis is the starting point of any training. However, the elements that must be included in any teacher training workshops are vital for successfully implementing this training, and the outcome would be based on these factors.
  1. Methods to teach:
Teacher training workshops should include different methods of imparting knowledge to children. Every teacher develops a unique teaching method in the classroom depending upon their traits and expectations of the Schools. There cannot be any single method to teach the subject or any topic. Many successful teachers are using different methods to teach the same subject/topic.
  1. Showcase creativity:
From choosing the topic to the content presented in different formats, it becomes extremely important to showcase one creative side to attract and retain the Audience. Let us understand the more technical part of the context; designing instruction needs proper training and hands-on expertise. Teachers need to focus on various essentials such as designing and scheduling proper lesson plans, preparing a sound enrichment activity, chalking out evaluation parameters and many more.
  1. Subject matter expert:
Any content that is to be taught becomes extremely important for the subject matter expert to deliver it with not only the videos or beautiful presentation but also with imparting their hands-on knowledge and the practical applications of the subject.
  1. The art of preparation and time management:
The art of preparation and time management is an essential characteristic of teacher training workshops. The two most necessary qualities for conducting these workshops are being prepared on the topic and managing time tactfully. Preparation means having a lesson plan ready and ensuring that the teaching materials and aids are in place. It is essential to have supplies, handouts and notes ready to avoid any gaps while teaching. Thoroughly check the links, classroom, computers, and all other technical equipment used as teaching aids so that no glitch interrupts the lesson.
  1. Positive relationship with audience:
Positive conversations are essentials for building rapport with the teachers and gaining their confidence to conduct the sessions. With a class of diverse teachers around, who come from different backgrounds, it becomes vital to avoid any conversation that might lead to controversy or discomfort.
  1. List of takeaways for the teachers:
Last but not the least, it is essential to be transparent in the sessions and allow the participants to know about the facilitator; this gives them the confidence to give honest feedback to the facilitators, which will help identify the effectiveness of the workshop.

Taking all the above points into consideration, teacher training workshops are essential for the development of the teachers and have a direct impact on the students. Teacher training programs are the motivational tool for the professional development of the teachers.

Training sessions are essential to help the teachers learn and create new teaching strategies, which will help teachers bring back the interest of students in the classrooms and encourage learning.

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Roopali Mohite
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