Importance of continuous professional development for pre primary & primary teachers

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Importance of continuous professional development for pre-primary & primary teachers

Education and learning to teach is an ongoing process. It does not end with earning a degree at the beginning of a teacher's career. Over the past decade, we have seen a significant evolvement of the education system in India and around the world. Digital advancements, new and improved standards of practice, the latest developments in science and, of course, COVID 19 left us no choice but to transpire and transform the current education system to an effective way to survive at a juncture that showed no future. Developing our set of skills and redefining various facets of our knowledge is an imperative skill that strengthens with each passing school year as an educator. To ensure the best learning outcomes for their students, continuous professional development encourages teachers to become better and more capable by enabling them to design and redesign relevant and tailored course materials for today's young students. We, as teachers, need in-depth subject knowledge, strong social skills and consistent practical application of our facilitating abilities to thrive. Therefore, continuous professional development is required to continually update and equip ourselves with ever-increasing skills and competencies to always remain progressive and informed to duly justify the position we hold in society and our responsibility to the future generation.

Teachers feel new and improved'

Teachers who engage in continuous professional development become proactive and apply newly acquired skills and knowledge to teach more efficiently. Attending conferences, workshops, online training classes, or e-learning courses to develop professionally is a source of new' rising in a teacher.. It's obvious that the best educators are the ones who are better at teaching students effectively. When teachers have access to continuous learning opportunities and professional development resources, they're better equipped to become good teachers and cater to students and their learning through differentiated methods of teaching and learning. The goal of a teacher is Student Achievement'. Hayes Mitchell of learning forward', a professional development organization, shares: “The most effective professional development engages teams of teachers to focus on the needs of their students. They learn and solve problems together in order to ensure all students achieve success.” Through discovering new teaching strategies through professional development for teachers, educators can go back to the classroom and make changes to their teaching styles and curricula to better suit their students ' needs.

Growth Mindset'- Teachers are active participants in their own learning.

Another great reason to unfold and reap high rewards of continuous professional development is the ability to purposely initiate a growth mindset' that appropriately enhances any individual. Professional development programs can enable teachers to expand their knowledge base in different subject areas. The more professional development a teacher undergoes, the more knowledge and industry insight he or she gains. New teaching strategies, organised and refined ways to plan lessons, effective classroom management and various new insights through professional development ensure a gradual yet impactful shift in a teacher's way of evolving his or her curriculum to better suit the needs of their students. Teacher professional development prospects are thoughtful and are targeted at improving student outcomes and encouraging a growth mindset. It enables educators to participate actively in their own learning and assures that both students and teachers are keen to learn.

Refined and Rejuvenated Organization and planning abilities

Continuous professional development helps educators to curate teaching strategies and plan their lessons creatively, which promotes questions, critical thinking and often builds on conversations. It also encourages them to include new aspects into the curriculum, with the goal of student development. It encourages teachers to reflect on their current practises and reiterate the best choices, evaluates their creativity and organise and structure thoughts, promoting better lesson plans, classroom environment and effective learning opportunities. Continuous professional development is an essential component to creating a new and advanced generation of educators capable of meeting the ever-evolving needs of the students and society. A teachers' secret to moving forward is to reflect, plan, prepare, and take action. Setting goals on a calendar year enables an educator to focus and concentrate on upcoming and advanced ways to analyse the education system and their own workspace. It is a good idea to make SMART goals and retrospect on questions like:

What is our area of interest?
A subject you would like to know more about or are unfamiliar with?
What would I want to do in my classroom?
What professional goals should I set so that my classroom has the best learning atmosphere?
How do I interact with my classroom in a better way?

It has been rightly quoted,” The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.” One thing that is certain in life is the change. The role of a teacher has evolved, the needs the requirements are constantly and changing expeditiously and thus the need to EVOLVE' and EQUIP'. Professional development is not a onetime acquired skill set-it is an ongoing process that needs to be re-booted, re-vamped, re-energised so that there is a synergistic dynamic to doing things. It is important to explore and go beyond your comfort zone.

Pihu Kapoor
IB PYP -Grade level Coordinator - Pathways School Noida
NEASC Visitor

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Pihu Kapoor
IB PYP -Grade level Coordinator – Pathways School Noida, NEASC Visitor

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