How to become a globally competent teacher?

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In a rapidly changing world, it is very important to inculcate skills in students that would prepare them for future jobs. One such skill is global competence which would help students to succeed in a more diverse, interconnected and interdependent world. Hence, being a globally competent teacher is imperative. Being globally competent means to embrace a mindset that translates personal global competence into professional classroom practice.
Let us understand how a teacher can become a globally competent educator? One way is taking up teacher training workshops that inculcate a number of characteristics and develop themselves into globally competent educators.Global competence for different educators is no longer utilized for just an elite few, rather it is an essential element of preparation for all teachers of tomorrow. So what are the characteristics of a Globally Competent Educator that a Teacher should inculcate? The below-mentioned characteristics need to be emphasized in teacher training workshops:

1. To understand the cultural identity
It is imperative for a future teacher to understand how to cater to the student’s development and deliver the course content. Being able to understand the cultural identity of the students can be considered as an important form of global competence for the learners of the teachers that they should inculcate.

2. To be aware and integrate global dimensions
While trying to enhance into a competent teacher one of the dimensions which a teacher has to understand is being aware and being able to integrate the global dimensions

3. Engaging students in learning
One of the most important aspect of globally competent teacher is to engage the students in learning while inculcating global dimensions

4. While teaching using real-life global examples
While delivering course content to students it can be helpful for an educator to incorporate real life global examples

5. Valuing the input of cultural sensitivity
It is a classroom where it would be common for teachers to have students from various cultural backgrounds which helps in the development of a unique cultural sensitivity. This is something which the teacher training workshops should inculcate in order to become a globally competent teacher in the future.

6. Creating environments for positive cross-cultural interaction
It is important for a teacher to create an environment conducive for positive cross-cultural interaction in a classroom with a mixed culture. The teachers need to understand the importance of interaction among the students and getting them acquainted with the various types of cultures and information, which would be helpful in the development of the students. The learners of teacher training workshops should understand and inculcate this characteristic if they want to become globally competent educators.
7. Modelling social responsibility
Another important characteristic for the teachers to understand and inculcate is social responsibility among themselves from the teacher training workshops. This is something which can help them to become competent educators in both local and global perspectives, opening the doors for various new opportunities as a teacher when they venture into the field of teaching.

8. Helping students to solutions to improve local and global conditions
It is important for teachers to help the students understand and become concerned about the local and global conditions and educate them with ways to improve these conditions while teaching. As teachers it is imperative to develop students into responsible citizens, this would also help their own cause to become globally competent teachers.

9. Basis the level of the student’s development assessing the students and providing growth opportunities
Assessment is one of the main aspects for the development of the students and the teacher should be well aware of this fact. Assessing helps in the improvement of the students and also provides opportunities for their growth. Inculcating this particular characteristic helps in the development of the teachers as well as complying to their aim of becoming globally competent educators, especially for the teachers taking up teacher training workshops.

10. Teaching students global education and social responsibility
The goal of every teacher should be to help each student to become educated and prepare them not only for academic success but also for a life in which they are participants in their own area and the wider world. This would help in the development of the students into better human beings and in turn, helps in the development of future educators into globally competent teachers, especially for those who are currently pursuing the teacher training workshops.
These are the characteristics teachers should keep in mind before taking up a course on building global competencies. One such course is offered by Aditya Birla Education Academy called the Post Graduate Diploma in Global Education . The course would provide educators with an opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and practice in international education through a blended learning curriculum that integrates rigorous and contemporary academic study with the application of learning through school-based practice.
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