Why is the PGDGE an essential course for teachers to gain 21st century skills

The course will provide knowledge of the world, critical global issues, manifest inter-cultural sensitivity and our PGDGE an online course for teachers will help them to incorporate this understanding into classroom practices which will foster the dispositions of 21st century knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies.

This course for teachers will focus on holistic education which will introduce learning stages for an inclusive and equitable future. It will help teachers to take ownership and scaffold learning, bringing multiple pedagogical approaches that will integrate a variety of innovative methodologies, address existing gaps within the system and create a learning environment in the classroom.

The teacher today is no longer a catalyst but designs the curriculum along with her students, is a facilitator and a co-learner in the class.

Teachers and students together co-construct learning assessment and progression.

It is very essential that schools as workplaces must afford opportunities for teachers to change their practices and specific needs.

The course enables teachers to actively engage in professional development.

Teachers will become progressive participants and make informed decisions based on the needs and reflections of their students.

The course for teachers will endorse the importance of, both as agents and subjects in an educational system. It promotes teaching skills, mastery in knowledge, develops new proficiencies which in turn helps improve student learning.

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This will help them to become learning mediators, interpreters and designers of the curriculum, scholars, researchers and lifelong learners and play a community citizenship and pastoral role.

Teacher agency is impacting schools in a big way. At all levels, educators are asking how they can help students to develop ownership of learning, allowing them choice and flexibility in terms of learning environment, subject matter and pace.

Professional development has to be given great attention so that it will help teachers to act purposefully and constructively to direct their own growth.

The school must have systems to tap into teachers intrinsic motivations giving them the opportunity to construct solutions to the real challenges they face in the classrooms rather than generalized professional development sessions.

Schools need to support teacher engagement with learning networks like the ABEA which offers courses that create both global and local connections.

The course for teachers will help identify the importance of analyzing data, challenges that they face, mandating a particular form, giving opportunities that will help.

The quality of an education system is determined by the effectiveness and autonomy of the teachers and school leaders, and the space that the officials create for them to function optimally. Teacher competence, freedom to iterate, innovate and exercise autonomy are hallmarks of high performing educational systems. Students achieve higher standards of learning and learning outcomes if they are supported by the system.

PGDGE programme would create facilitators who are ?
  • Competent: to address diverse learning needs and deliver high quality learning outcomes for children.
  • Connected: to self, their peers, students and parents to engage in a continuous praxis of facilitating learning (for themselves as well as their students) and building future citizens.
  • Committed: to the knowledge and research of how children learn and its intersection to the evolution of a more humane and pluralistic society.?
  • Contented: with themselves as a result of a fulfilling career and feeling of deep service and nation building.?
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Dr. Ameeta Wattal
Principal, Springdales School, New Delhi

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