How can teachers utilize their time during summer vacation for their wellbeing

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Teachers can utilize their summer vacation time for their wellness as well as the wellbeing of students by developing relationships with local organizations, such as community centers, libraries, parks and recreation centers, police stations and churches, who offer them a variety of services.

Teachers can make use of their time by finding interesting activities that they can participate in during the summer. Teachers can also take long walks to feel less stressed, and engage in writing exercises that require them to reflect on their experiences as a classroom teacher during this time. It is also important for teachers to recharge by taking breaks from work and spending time with family members, friends and other professional acquaintances.

Teachers often feel burdened by their work during the summer holiday. However, they can practice mediation and relaxation techniques to reduce their stress level and prevent burnout. This can be done by taking breaks every few minutes and getting enough sleep at night. It is also necessary to set up healthy habits in order to maintain a good mood throughout the summer break. For example, teachers could attend lectures during the last week of classes before vacation starts. They could also visit exhibition or first-run movies with their colleagues or go on camping trips together with their family members.

Teachers should plan their day in advance, so they can be productive, and make decisions about their work without having to constantly check with students or colleagues. They need to make sure that they are giving enough time during summer vacation to rest as well as enjoy.

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Esha Joshi
Assistant Manager - Sales and Communication, Aditya Birla Education Academy

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