5 things every teacher should do to become a better teacher

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Five things every teacher should do to become a much better teacher

Teaching has always been a dynamic job, and most teachers are trained to show but most of the time it happens so over time most people start acting as postal workers, we just start to deliver what we learn in our classrooms by our teachers. Recent pandemics and technological advancements have made us ponder over and transform the 20th-century teacher-centred methodology with a fragmented curriculum and students working in isolation memorizing facts to student-centred with real-life, relevant, collaborative project-based learning. Gen Z students tend to thrive after they are allowed to possess a completely immersive educational experience and that they even enjoy the challenges of being an element of it. As teachers, we'd like to form such opportunities for them. Here are the five things every teacher should do to become a much better teacher: -

1. Good teachers should be good listeners: - As every student has access to each information possible, we want to return out of the mental barrier of 1 size fits all education and listen to personalized instructions and teachers have to realize that each learner is different. we'd like to upgrade ourselves from mere talking and instruction passing people to patient listeners. When students are allowed to form their own choices, they own their learning, increase intrinsic motivation, and put in more effort—an ideal recipe for better learning outcomes.

2. Good teachers concentrate on collaboration: - Teachers working together have a positive impact on one another and contribute naturally to high school improvement. Teacher collaboration includes working together in teams, sharing responsibilities, supplying feedback and building trust. Collaboration should transcend sharing documents via email or creating PowerPoint presentations. Many great ideas never transcend a conversation or paper copy, which may be a great loss. Collaboration globally can change our entire experience.

3. Good teachers are adaptable: -Teachers must be flexible and adaptable. it's having the ability to acclimate yourself to changing roles, job responsibilities, materials, and schedules. Receiving criticism (good and bad) from advisers is extremely important in terms of flexibility because it'll force us to vary up what we are accustomed doing. Being flexible means incorporating this feedback into your teaching. Also, on-the-spot changes might have to be made supported certain situations within the classroom, often without prior realization. Adaptability is that the ability to adapt to alter.

4. Good Teachers Show Empathy: -Teachers need empathy to know their students' feelings and perspectives. it's to be found within the ability to know each pupil's needs and private circumstances so put these into the context of everyday interactions and tasks. Empathy allows teachers to know their students' points of view. Empathy allows teachers to create relationships with their students. Empathy allows teachers to reply effectively to students' needs. Empathy can help prevent burnout.

5. Good Teachers Are Lifelong Learners: - Good teachers are lifelong learners, they must update themselves with the evolving school education. The way the scholars communicate with one another has changed and being equipped with the talents needed to influence the gen z is additionally important, to sharpen the skill continuous professional training is needed. Lifelong learning is that the answer to assembling a healthy environment for teachers and learners both inside and outdoors of the tutorial context.

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Varsha Ratta
Educator, Birla Education Trust

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