What are school leadership programmes?

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School Leadership plays an important role in the overall functioning of a school. Right from setting the vision of the school to ensuring teacher quality, maintaining student outcomes, managing staff and resources, a school leader dons multiple hats that are required for the success of the school. Leadership turns out to be an important factor in accounting for the performance of the school and student outcomes.
Today parents check the background of school leaders before deciding if they want to admit their child to the school. Therefore, schools require charismatic, well trained and talented leaders who understand all the forces that affect education. These leaders are dynamic, risk takers and embrace change. Moreover, school leaders strongly shape the conditions for high-quality teaching and are the prime factor in lowering teacher attrition. Successful schools are led by effective administrators. These administrators focus not only on outcomes, but also on wellbeing and growth of the employees and financial viability of the school.
School leaders have the responsibility of nurturing the entire community with innovative practices and strategies. This community includes teachers, non-academic staff, students & parents. Since these leaders have such a great deal of influence in the school system, it becomes imperative for school management to carefully select a school leader. Additionally, these school leaders need to be trained periodically so that they are prepared to deal with new challenges that come along the way.
Aditya Birla Education Academy offers the Certificate Course in School Leadership, specifically aimed at new and experienced school leaders. The course consists of 5 modules where each module is a blend of a 2-hour live webinar - with opportunities for real-time interaction, discussion, and Q&A during each module – with time to apply learning back at school. Each module will introduce new and relevant, exploring models of effective practice linked to national and international standards; and give school leaders an opportunity to apply their learnings in a real world scenario. This course allows school leaders to network with other leaders from across the globe to share best practices and learn together.
The course has been spread over 6 months, specially to match with the busy schedules of school leaders. The participants will be required to submit a written project of 1,500 words to earn the certificate.
The key takeaways of this module are:
  • Effective Leadership - Learn how it is based on research and practice from around the world
  • Components of Effective Leadership
  • Measure your own leadership against models of good practices
  • Utilise learnings to develop your own leadership style
  • Understand how to lead teaching and learning to get great results in school
  • Change management for impact
  • Learn how to build and develop high performing teams
This course has been developed by the leading educationist - Stephen Burnage. He is an experienced educator with over 25 years of experience as a teacher and school leader in the UK. He is an accomplished author, consultant and trainer, specialising in the areas of leadership development, effective classroom pedagogy and practice; and school inspection, improvement and development. Steve has extensively studied the Indian education scenario and adds a flavour of NEP 2020 to every course that he creates. This series of professional development workshops for teachers are recommended for aspiring, new and experienced school leaders who are aiming to become better leaders for everyone in their school community.
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