How have the teaching methods in schools changed from previous years?

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Teaching style of educators has evolved over the years. Interactive methods of teaching have swiped the old methods and its good impact is very well visible. The method of teaching the students according to their understanding ability provides an entirely different angle of teaching and learning. Teachers today are able to use new age experiential learning techniques which are suitable for multiple intelligences, based on the fact that every child learns differently and in a unique way. In previous years a ‘one size fits all’ methodology was used when it came to teaching. Teachers are able to teach the curriculum in ways that would have seemed crazy several years ago. Differentiated instruction helps teachers to cater to students across varied ability ranges. This leads to an improvement in children’s engagement in class, acts as a motivator for students to learn better and leads to job satisfaction for the teacher based on student outcomes. The focus on questioning, demonstration, collaboration and activity based methods along with project based and inquiry based teaching and learning has made learning of a topic more understandable. School teaching has evolved from being a passive learning based on one-way communication to a more hands on classroom where teachers are facilitators.

Teachers have changed the way they teach greatly and are changing the way students learn from passive receptors to active learners. Teachers do find flipped classroom technique to be very helpful in the teaching learning process and mind maps for assessments. Teachers today focus on a clear objectives-based approach to teaching, learning and assessments, focusing on building 21st century skills of Communication, Critical thinking, Collaboration and Creativity.

Activity-based learning has become extremely popular among teachers today. Collaborative Learning, Project Based Learning and Literacy Strategies are applied across all curricular subjects. Teachers have taken their assignments, worksheets, and extra reading online, especially during the pandemic. It has helped in connecting the students together. The students of today have been a part of the internet generation and therefore required to be taught in a way that they want to learn - using activities, PBL and tech tools.
Active learning has superseded passive learning in recent times because people today seek all round development of the students which cannot be achieved by merely listening to what the teacher says. Thematic learning helps students to retain more information by linking interdisciplinary topics.

Since in present times the focus is on learners and to match their needs the teachers need to upskill their competencies to effectively teach these skills to their students. As innovation is critically important for generating new sources of growth through improved productivity and efficiency, they are required to be agents of innovation. Teachers should try to look for courses that will provide them access to the latest educational tools, teach them how to integrate technology with teaching process, concepts and ways of application of the 21st century skills and using technology for innovation and customization. At Aditya Birla Education Academy, we have a variety of courses & workshops that can help teachers teach Gen Z & Gen Alpha students. Visit our website for more information:

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