What does the PGDGE course for teachers include? How beneficial is it after a B.Ed. course?

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The Post Graduate Diploma in Global Education has been designed by the B.K. Birla College (Autonomous) & the Aditya Birla Education Academy. B. K. Birla College of Arts, Science and Commerce (Autonomous), Kalyan a multi-faculty premier institution of higher education, with an enrolment of more than 12,500 students (8,100+ in UG, PG, and Research Programs and 4,400+ in Junior College) is affiliated to the University of Mumbai. Aditya Birla Education Academy is India’s leading professional development institute for teachers providing offline & online teacher training courses. The PGDGE course has been designed for:
  • Working professionals looking for a career shift into education
  • Graduates in any discipline aspiring to be teachers
  • Teachers wanting to work with National & International curricula schools
  • Teachers wanting to keep abreast with NEP 2020
  • Teachers already teaching in IB Schools
  • Teachers who desire employment in IB Schools
The PGDGE is a course that equips aspiring & in-service educators with skills and competencies that are prerequisites for a successful 21st century classroom. This teacher training program brings in the best elements of international education through a blended learning approach that integrates rigorous and contemporary academic study with the application of learning through school-based practice.
This course works beautifully for teachers who are looking for an upgrade in their careers. The PGDGE is one of the best online teacher training courses with a certificate awarded at the end of the course. Depending upon the teacher’s graduation or post-graduation subject specialization, he/she can teach any subject to students. Some of the benefits of the course are that since it is completely online, it provides teachers with an opportunity to learn while they earn. The curriculum has been designed in a way that it serves as an upgrade to the B.Ed. course. It is far more advanced and focuses on curriculum mapping to NEP 2020, making it one of the most competitive online professional development courses for teachers.
The course is developed and delivered by globally renowned academicians and works on the model of practicum-based teaching and learning. The course gives teachers an opportunity to teach in schools globally and allows teachers who are on a mid-career break to revisit their fundamentals, intern in reputed schools, and make a comeback to the school system.
The course is divided into 9 sub courses as follows:
  1. Fundamentals of Education
  2. ICT in teaching-learning and Evaluation
  3. Pedagogy of Curriculum
  4. Approaches to Teaching and Learning
  5. Research Methodology – Practitioner Research for Educators
  6. Environment and Sustainability
  7. ICT in Assessments
  8. Teaching Learning and Evaluation
  9. Professional Learning in Global and Local Context
With a project-based learning approach, teachers focus on research throughout the course which in turn helps them guide students in the classroom. The world has now become smaller due to the pandemic. A teacher needs to upskill regularly to stay relevant in the classroom. Schools today give a preference to teachers who exhibit a growth mindset and are willing to spend time and resources to upskill themselves. If you are a teacher looking for growth in your current role, do visit our website to know more about the PGDGE course: https://www.abea.in/course/post-graduate-diploma-in-global-education
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