What are self-paced programs? How are these programs beneficial for teachers?

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We see a ray of hope with the pandemic coming to end and all the things coming back to normal. Organisations and schools have started the offline work, giving way to children to attend the schools physically and mingle socially with peers. But all this is not that easy. Teachers are undergoing a series of training to handle the emotional wellbeing of the children, managing the administrative front along with having continuous interaction with parents. With all the hectic schedules it is more difficult than ever for teachers to undergo the Professional Development courses physically and spend 6 hours a day to go and physically attend any training. Here, a self-paced course comes to one’s rescue.

So let us understand in detail what self-paced programs are. In simple words self-paced programs are meant for the participants to learn at their own time and schedule.  Self-paced programs are more popular nowadays as learning has shifted from traditional models to internet based learning. Self-paced learning comes with several advantages that can enhance the performance of the teachers. 
How is self-paced program beneficial for the teachers:
  1. Eliminate the time crunch issue:
Self- paced programs are meant for the teachers who are having the time crunch and find it difficult to adjust their time for attending any professional development courses that are offline.  In self-paced courses there is no pressure of timelines that needs to be adhered to. One can complete the course, assignments or assessments at their own constructive time
  1. No Scheduling of the session needed:
In offline training, there is always a scheduling conflict for all the teachers to attend the training at the same time. Teachers can make their own schedules to attend the program and when provided with the reading materials and deadlines to complete the task, the session becomes very fruitful.
  1. Enhance Inductive Learnings:
Inductive learning refers to the ability to grasp information, process it and help to come up with a conclusion based. Self-paced learning helps in knowledge retention and improving memory power.
  1. Differential learnings Benefits:
Our traditional school system does not help in inculcating the differential learning styles, as every person learns differently and there is one method approach for all types of learners. There will constantly be ones that comprehend an idea faster and ones that need additional time, ones that skim and ones that output, ones that are evening people and those that are morning people. Self-guided learning fulfills a wide range of students.
How can one Utilise the Self-paced course to maximum?

Being an independent student is an expertise in itself! It's not reasonable for everybody, particularly the individuals who have an absence of self-inspiration and are inclined to stalling to take the self-paced course and complete it successfully.
Nonetheless, most of the participants can profit from components of self-guided learning in both their work and schooling and truth be told, the self-guided growth opportunity can assist with expanding free reasoning and time usage abilities.
To turn into a capable, independent student, one really wants first to distinguish between advancing necessities and the sort of learning style which suits himself/herself best.

Contingent to the courses that one takes up, it could be feasible to pick between recordings, introductions, talks, webcasts, composed material, books, tests or games. On the off chance that you are a visual student, material picking visual instruments, for example, recordings and games will assist you in getting the course material better. While in the event that you learn best by reading and re-reading, clearly you will benefit most from concentrating on books and composing introductions.

Aditya Birla Education Academy has Self-paced courses in various domains which gives the flexibility to the users to complete the course at their own pace and convenient time. The platform also has the flexibility to clear the doubts and raise their query to the Facilitator.

To find lasting success in the self-paced course, using time productively should be a priority. Depending on how much material one will need, you can foster a plan for ensuring that you are advancing through the course effectively.

Having the option to sort out learning one requires discipline, self-inspiration, and free reasoning abilities, yet with a touch of exertion, one will get new abilities quickly.

Aditya Birla Education Academy has Self-paced courses in various domains which gives the flexibility to the users to complete the course at their own pace and convenient time. Platform also has the flexibility to clear the doubts and raise their query to the Facilitator.
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