5 Reasons why teacher training is essential for a smart school future in India

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Over the past few decades we have seen new technologies being introduced into schools in many developing countries in order to enrich the teaching and learning experience for this and coming generations of the students.

Today, here we are talking about the Generation Alpha, who will be the most educated generation of all time. With technology and instantaneous information available to them, they will grow deeper and wider in terms of knowledge and education as compared to other generations. This generation will be so tech savvy that it is predicted this generation might not know the world without the Technology.
With such a robust environment it becomes evident the way this generation takes education. This puts enormous pressure on the education system to change robustly, and make learning a personalised experience, giving birth to more and more smart schools.

Smart Schools will be the future of the education system in coming years, but does smart school only mean having ICT labs, having interactive boards, teachers using multimedia tools for teaching? More than the aids and technology, the important key is to check how the students can enhance their decision making skills and are able to apply the information that might be so easily available to them. Technology should enable students to stimulate critical thinking, give more power for discussions, and help them become better collaborators for peer learning. When students have the better power, roles of Schools and teachers entirely change. Schools can make better use of technology to understand the pattern in which the students are learning and fine tune the process for the better learning experiences of the students. They can capture the data like learning patterns, different style of learnings, behavioural patterns of the student. Such technology would aid schools to function scientifically.

The technology embedded within the Smart School infrastructure involves the integration of hardware, software, system software and non-IT related equipment that needs to be functional in both local and in a wide area network. System integration involves various technical components and disciplines within the system to ensure smooth operational status. The final component of the project is to Support Services which include a Help Desk as well as Support and Maintain services.

The very important pillar of the education system, teachers who have promised themselves to be lifelong learners, in this pandemic got to learn how to teach even without being physically present in the classroom and yet deliver the lessons that will help the students learn. ICT tools have come handy but using all the educational-tech tools needs a good amount of training and understanding of the concept to use them and apply.

A smart school enables teachers to share knowledge in a more interesting and easy way for the students with access to digital technology.  It becomes increasingly necessary to provide teachers with the pedagogical, social, cultural and emotional support that will enable them to fully integrate ICT into their teaching, as well as provide them with the necessary funding and resources. In order to have a lasting effect in practice, teachers need to be provided with the professional development opportunities which will enable them to successfully integrate ICT into their everyday teaching.

Teachers need to be equipped with the necessary know-how and skills but they also need to be active, enthusiastic, innovative and fully committed to embrace the new technologies (mind set). The successful implementation of technologies in the classroom needs a combination of technological, pedagogic and content knowledge.

Teachers needed more training to use the smart school courseware, and be comfortable with using ICT in general. There is a need to intensify professional development programs, management and pedagogy training for all teachers on how to integrate ICT in teaching and learning.

The task of developing an education system with internationally recognized standards of excellence requires teachers who constantly strive to be excellent through professional learning and development programs. Aditya Birla Education Academy is one of the leading teacher training institutes who provides online and offline training to the teachers. Looking at the need of the hour, this Teacher training institute provides a series of training courses for teachers in order to continuously upgrade and update the professional knowledge, competence and effectiveness of teachers.
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