Teacher Training and Importance of Competency Building Curriculum

The education paradigm is changing the world over, some careers existing today would not have been recognized 10 years ago. The ongoing pandemic has made us realise the need for constant upskilling. As jobs evolve, new tools, technology, and processes change the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to stay relevant.

For learners to be successful in life beyond school, content alone is not enough. They must demonstrate understanding and mastery of the 21st century skills that will better prepare them. Educators around the world agree that promoting these competencies in the learners should be the focal point while developing a curriculum through teacher training.

Teacher Training with Competency Building curriculum is the need of the hour. It is defined as “a self-paced, relevant, and efficient academic structure that allows students to progress by demonstrating mastery regardless of place, time, or pace of learning”. CBE is not a new concept and for decades educators have incorporated some part of it in the school curriculum. With the introduction of NEP, it becomes imperative for all educators to understand the modality of the CBE.

The competency building education focuses on the outcomes rather than the time taken for completion, unlike traditional education. Furthermore, CBE emphasizes on personalized learning using collaborative practices.

A ‘Competency building Curriculum’ presents one way that has proved to be successful for developing competency-based education. The method involves familiarization of the participants with the basics of curriculum planning, design, and implementation with regard to building competency in the learners. The participants learn how to develop educational learning outcomes, how to specify assessment criteria for these learning outcomes, how to choose appropriate teaching strategies for the classroom delivery, and how to select an appropriate assessment strategy.

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A recent workshop by Aditya Birla Education Academy on Competency Building Curriculum helped educators answer the following questions
  • What are the benefits of Competency building Curriculum and why are they important in today’s scenario
  • How to plan and implement competency building curriculum?
  • What are the appropriate teaching learning strategies in the classroom to ensure CBE
  • How to measure the effectiveness of CBE?
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Dr. Sita Shankar
Principal, Gopalan International School

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