How can I enroll in a global education course? Qualifications and Experience Requirement.

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In India, teaching courses are fairly restricted to the Bachelor of Education or B.Ed. Program. This teacher training course is a full time traditional course where the curriculum is more focused on theoretical knowledge and requires pre-service teachers to take a break from their work schedules to pursue this 2 year long course. Post completion of this teacher training program, teachers can look for employment in national board schools across the country. While a lot of schools have now adopted tech tools and new teaching methodologies, these schools majorly still focus on rote learning and assessments.
International schools and progressive national board schools on the other hand are not very particular about the qualifications of the teacher applying. Their focus remains on the teaching style of the teacher, their skill level and knowledge. Teachers who perform well in such schools are ones that are open to change and are adaptable to the changes taking place over time. For teachers with the B.Ed. looking for that extra edge, it is important to consider pursuing a global education course. Additionally, professionals looking for a change in their career can be trained via global education courses to help them prepared to teach in a school.
Global Education Courses have a creative approach to learning. These courses look at education from a wider perspective focusing on skills that are needed in the 21st century. Global Education Online Training Courses are learner-centred, participatory, and experience-based. The B.K. Birla College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Kalyan along with the Aditya Birla Education Academy, the best teacher training institute in India is providing a global education course for teachers to make them well equipped to deal with the changing times.
Global Education Courses look at integrating technology, self paced learning, environment & sustainability, research methodology and experiential learning in a course. Global Education Courses for teachers like the renowned Post Graduate Diploma in Global Education are practicum based courses preparing teachers for a 21st century classroom. These courses help to raise awareness about global challenges, employ the use of critical thinking, research and motivation
The Post Graduate Diploma in Global Education is open to any graduate. This could be working professionals looking for a career shift into education or graduates in any discipline aspiring to be teachers. The course is online with synchronous classes after working hours and on weekends and consists of an internship module which helps teachers prepare for classroom teaching. It works well for professionals with work experience so that they are able to bring their experience from different industries into the classroom. The course is also open to teachers wanting to work with National & International curricula schools, teachers wanting to keep abreast with NEP 2020, teachers already teaching in IB Schools and teachers who desire employment in IB Schools.
For more information regarding the teacher training global education course by Aditya Birla Education Academy, please visit the link:
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