As a teacher, how can you de-stress? Find tips dedicated to teacher wellbeing.

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Contrary to popular belief, the life of a teacher can be very stressful! Taking up the responsibility of their students along with administrative roles and their personal lives, it is important for teachers to focus on their wellbeing as well. Here are a few tips for teachers to de-stress:
  1. Create clear boundaries between home & school - Set a reasonable time for leaving school each day. Even while working from home, set a time to shut your laptop completely.
  2. Reconnect to your purpose - Use a teaching method that you and your students all enjoy to remind you of the difference you’re making in their careers.
  3. Adopt a growth perspective in your teaching and choose to upskill - There’s great value in trying new things and accepting mistakes as opportunities to learn. It can be helpful to see yourself as a learner and to spend time reflecting on new ideas, learning new concepts and upskilling for your own personal growth.
  4. Focus on qualities like kindness & gratitude - An act of appreciation or kindness produces positive emotions, stronger social connections and improved wellbeing. Consider simple ways you can build gratitude into your day. Kindness and gratitude are contagious, so imagine the benefit to your classroom and your personal life. Maintain a gratitude journal to acknowledge things that are working well for you.
  5. Focus on your sleeping habits -  Good-quality sleep is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your physical and psychological health. Set a cut off time for yourself from your work and digital devices.
  6. Build your emotional resilience - Proactively think of ways to manage stress in your life. Spend some time daily doing yoga, meditation and activities that help you stay physically and mentally fit.
  7. Stay focused on your goals - Set SMART goals and break them down into achievable tasks so that work does not become overwhelming.
  8. Reward yourself - It’s important to treat yourself every once in a while when you complete a task! Talking in a kind tone to yourself is extremely important in case you are unable to complete a certain task in time.
  9. Attend wellness programs - There are plenty of teacher training workshops available for focusing on your wellbeing, participate in them, learn from others and find solutions by discussing your issues with the educator community.
  10. Seek help - In case you still find yourself stressed out often, do not hesitate to seek help from a professional.
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