Advanced Certification In Education Program By ABEA-What Is It

Advanced Certificate in Education program

‘Education’, it is a lifelong process and teaching and learning go hand in hand, it is important that teachers and their schools also invest in the professional development of their teachers. Teacher development workshops are important for both students and teachers. If teachers are well qualified, they can guide their students and prepare them for a country with the right skills to function efficiently. Regular participation in workshops on various topics enhances the knowledge, skills, and confidence of teachers and enables them to engage their students in meaningful ways.

Training in teacher workshops gives them the opportunity to break out of their normal schedule of being students rather than teachers. Educators stay motivated with the professional support they need to become better teachers. Ongoing professional development has proven to be an important part of the teaching and learning process. Teacher workshop training focuses on updating them with the latest educational research.

At Aditya Birla Education Academy(ABEA), we are working on the same objective of providing opportunities for in-service teachers to get trained in different concern areas. This includes asynchronous and synchronous sessions along with face-to-face interventions depending on the requirements of the teachers. A short-term course for 3 months and another course for 12 months is also existing with ABEA.

At ABEA, our main objective is to satisfy the teachers' thrust of learning and growing. The advanced certificate course is one of the important programs which is served by ABEA. This course is unique because it caters to the need of a teacher who is heading towards the profession along with those who are into the service for more than 10 years as well. This is a synchronous course whose modules are delivered by Renowned facilitators.

This is the course that aims to bridge the gaps between educational theories and real classroom situations. This course helps the teachers in getting insights into various national and international pedagogical practices; various self-reflection tools related to current educational trends. It also provides a diverse channel of curriculum designs and curriculum delivery too.

This course is beneficial for every teacher and individual in integrating different models and principles of the curriculum into their classroom teaching along with various e-content plans. It helps them in demonstrating the application of various evaluation techniques which will be useful for a teacher in achieving the learning outcomes designed for their sessions. This will help teachers in understanding the significance of classroom interactions and conflict resolutions. It promotes and exercises social and emotional competencies in regular classroom teaching. This course will help in blending technological learning and the skills to enhance classroom teaching. It demonstrates the utilisation of multi-and interdisciplinary approaches to enrich the teaching-learning process. It also helps and appreciates teachers’ personal and professional etiquette so that they can develop a brand for their school. It develops the understanding of the implications of international standards to benchmark teaching-learning, and understand the local, national, and international policies which are responsible for moulding the education system of the 21st century.

The most important part of this course is a short action research project. Facilitators will provide a detailed overview of the action research and then a topic must be considered by the students where they want to work and find the solution for the same in their school. Preferably topics related or applicable to the school environment are entertained for the action research, but sometimes if any student who is not associated with the school is allowed to take some hypothetical situations also. In the end, each student has to prepare their own project report and presentation for their action research work.

To enter into this course, any in-service and pre-service (B.Ed. student) is eligible for the same. For completion of this course, one has to submit their assignments on time and show at least 80 % attendance in the sessions. At the end of the course, there will be a short presentation done by the students to project their learnings from the course. Post that a formal graduation day will be organised and certificates will be issued to the students. On a strict note, certificates are provided to those participants who all are able to meet the requirements of the mandated course.

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Dr. Puja Srivastava
Quality & Analyst, Aditya Birla Education Academy.

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