Advanced Certificate in Education - ACEd

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This Online Certificate Course aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world classroom applications to equip preservice and in-service teachers with

  • National & International pedagogical practices

  • Critical self-reflection tools related to current international trends

  • Diverse channels of curriculum design & delivery

  • Right tools to fulfil their true potential and to become defining players in the education system

Course fee will be refunded only if the course gets cancelled. It will not be refunded in any other circumstances.


  • Students in Final Year B.Ed./M.Ed./B.A. Education/M.A. Education/D.Ed./ECCE Course OR
  • Any Candidate with B.Ed./M.Ed./B.A. Education/M.A. Education/D.Ed./ECCE Qualification OR
  • In-service School Teachers

Course Outcomes

  • Integrate Models and Principles of Curriculum Design to Classroom teaching
  • Develop Instructional designs and e-content plans
  • Demonstrate the application of evaluation techniques for achieving the learning outcomes
  • Understand the significance of classroom interactions and conflict resolutions
  • Promote and exercise social and emotional competencies in classroom teaching
  • Blend technological learning and skills to enhance classroom teaching
  • Understand the implications of international standards to benchmark teaching-learning
  • Demonstrate utilization of multi-and inter-disciplinary approaches to enrich teaching
  • Appreciate teachers’ personal and professional etiquettes
  • Understand the local, national, and international policies moulding the education system of the 21st century
  • Improvising classroom practices through action research
  • Course fee will be refunded only if the course gets cancelled. It will not be refunded in any other circumstances.
  • Module Details

    Module 1: Curriculum Design
    Understanding by Design Principle of Lesson planning
    Principles of Lesson Planning
    Active Learning in classrooms
    Planning Assessments for Student involvement
    Tools for Assessment

    Module 2: Technology in Education
    Digital tools for Instructions
    Blended Learning Methods
    Digital Ethics
    Technology in teaching and assessments

    Module 3: Professional Development
    How to create your own personal brand as a teacher
    Communication skills - Verbal and Non-verbal 
    Personal grooming and etiquette

    Module 4: Classroom Learning and Environment
    Lifeskills in Pedagogy
    Managing Social and Emotional competencies of a learner
    Inclusion in classrooms - differentiated learning
    Creating a safe learning environment

    Module 5: Pedagogy and Practices
    Teaching Methods - School Subjects - English and Humanities
    Teaching Methods - School Subjects - Math and Science

    Module 6: Policies in Education
    Education Policy - NEP 2020 and its impact on International Curriculum
    Teaching International Boards - IB, Cambridge and other boards
    Other studies research - International curriculum based studies

    Module 7: Action Research
    Introduction to Action Research
    Planning your problem statement
    Literature Survey 
    Creating your Action Research Proposal
    Presentation of Action Research work
Dr. Anuradha Sridhar
Head - Curriculum Development & Training, Aditya Birla Education Academy, Mumbai
B.Ed, PhD in Chemistry

Dr. Anuradha Sridhar is the Head of Curriculum Development & Training at Aditya Birla Education Academy. With an experience of two decades in the International Education space, she has worked with some of Mumbai's leading schools. She holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry and a degree in Education. She also is certified by the Harvard Graduate School of Education for courses on Cognitive development in students. Anuradha is an accredited assessor by NABET- QCI for school audits. She has conducted several teacher training workshops and has trained over 2000 teachers across the country.

Dr. Bijoy K Thomas
Assistant Professor, St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai
M.Sc., M.Phil. in Botany, M.Ed & PhD in Education

Dr. Bijoy K Thomas is serving as an Assistant Professor at St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai, since 2011. He has completed his M.Sc., M.Phil. in Botany, Master of Education (M.Ed.) and Ph.D. in Education specialized in E-Learning. Currently, he is guiding four Ph.D. scholars in the subject of Education under the University of Mumbai. He was awarded three Minor Research Fellowships from the University of Mumbai and One MHRD project. Dr. Bijoy is the syllabus committee chairperson of Four years B.Sc. B.Ed. integrated program of the University of Mumbai. He collaborates with various institutions as a curriculum developer, resource person, open educational resource development, and organizing certificate programs.

Kalpana Chavan
Assistant Professor, St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai
M.Ed, M.A.(Philosophy, Sociology) with NET

Ms. Kalpana is currently pursuing Doctoral Research from Dept of Education, University of Mumbai. She has completed her M.Ed., M.A.(Philosophy, Sociology) with NET cleared in all three Masters.
Ms. Kalpana has various research papers published and presented at state and national level. She has received research funding from University of Mumbai and MGNCRE and also works as a content developer, content writer and member of different Core Syllabus Committees. Ms. Kalpana is a Visiting Faculty and Guest Lecturer at University of Mumbai, SNDT University, Colleges of Education and Colleges of Higher Education.

Prodipta Hore
Program Director, Aditya Birla Education Academy
M.Sc., B.Ed, & PGCert in Educational Leadership and Management from University of Nottingham

With over two decades of teaching experience, Mr. Prodipta is currently not only the Coordinator for International Initiatives at Aditya Birla World Academy, but he also spearheads the planning, execution and co-ordination of the academic programmes at the Aditya Birla Education Academy. His academic background includes a M.Sc., B.Ed, Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (Cambridge) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Nottingham.
A John Templeton Fellow from Belin Blank Centre of Gifted Education, University of Iowa, Peter O’ Halloran Fellow from University of Canberra he has co-authored a CBSE Mathematics Text Book by NCERT for Grade 11 and is a member of the core committee of World Mathematics Team Championship.


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  • Advanced Certificate course in Education (ACEd.)

    Frequently Asked Questions : 

    1. How will this course benefit me?
    - This course is a bridge course between a B.Ed classroom and the real world  classroom which will equip candidates with recent pedagogies and practices in a global classroom.
    2. What are the requirements to be eligible for this course?
    A Graduate in any discipline, B.Ed students – first year or final year, M.Ed students, MA in Education, ECCed. Or D.Ed students.

    3. What is the duration of this course?
    - The duration of this course is 36 Hours – 3 months with classes happening for 3 hours each week.
    4. Does this course help me with job placements?
    - Enrolling and completing this course will help you get placement assistance with employment opportunities in three schools.
    5. How many modules are covered in this course?
    - 5 modules are covered in this course.
    6. Is this course recognized?
    - This course has been created and delivered by noted experts from the education space and experts in the teacher education space.
    7. Will I get a refund, if I decide to drop out of the course?
    - This is an investment in terms of time and money you are making on your own professional development and we are confident that you will be enriched by this program. Our counsellors will not advice you for this course, if they do not find you fit for the course.

    8. How to participate in this course?
    - Please fill out the registration form to participate in this course.
    9. Can the course fee will be refunded?
    - The course fee will be refunded only if the course gets cancelled. It will not be refunded in any other circumstances.

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