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Teaching is a noble and global profession. National Education Policy - 2020 has laid great emphasis on making a Teacher. Teachers can make the difference in providing quality education to one and all. Teacher education courses seek to enhance teaching skills of the participants enrolled.

Practicum approach adopted in the modern teacher education course is to place a student teacher in a classroom situation under the supervision of a qualified teacher. A teacher has to play a role of Mentor, Facilitator and a Counselor in addition to teaching assignments.

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In the light of above, B. K. Birla College (Autonomous), Kalyan in association with ABEA (Aditya Birla Education Academy) under the able guidance of our Patron, Hon’ble Smt. Neerja ji Birla (Chairperson, Aditya Birla Education Academy) has taken an initiative to start one year Post Graduate Diploma in Global Education from 15 April, 2021.

Candidates with a minimum graduate degree or equivalent and those who are working as Teachers in Schools (affiliated to State Board, CBSE, ICSE, IB, etc.) can be admitted / nominated for this Course. Few seats will be reserved for sponsored candidates (to be sponsored by Renowned Schools).

Post Graduate Diploma in Global Education course intends to develop highly skilled Teachers, who are Committed, Creative and Confident. Senior faculty members (including National and International experts) will take the sessions and guide the course.

Through reflective practices, these teachers can take a lead in responding flexibly and proactively to the changes apparent in their professional contexts, communicating effectively with all the stakeholders and accept the responsibility for doing the needful. The leadership skills developed through this course will enable them to impact teaching and learning in multiple ways in a most efficient and effective manner.

To inculcate all these qualities of a GOOD TEACHER and develop them glocally, classroom teaching is not enough, there is a need to learn (experiential learning), through audio – visuals, practicals, case studies, projects, assignments, internship for teachers, field visits, etc. with extensive use of educational technology.

Internship for teachers is an essential component of PGDGE. It plays pivotal role in the development of a teacher.
  • Internship for teachers will provide an opportunity to interact with the students on all the aspects of learner centric approaches and enhances the teaching skills holistically through practice sessions.
  • Internship for teachers will enhance ones’ self-confidence, values and mindsets and leads to the creation of pedagogical skills, social maturity, improved interpersonal skills and student psychology understanding.
  • Internship for teachers will ensure the professional development of prospective teachers. It gives them a practical prospect to develop true understanding of the teaching profession and future prospects of working conditions in that profession.
  • Internship for teachers will provide precise experience to trainees on various roles of a teacher including teaching and personal overall development, enhancing their Communication and Soft Skills, in-depth knowledge of the subject and sharpen pedagogical knowledge. Through reflective practices in Internship, teachers will be able to take a lead in responding flexibly and proactively to the changes apparent in their professional contexts, communicating effectively with all the participants in learning and accepting accountability for their actions and decisions.
  • Internship will provide an opportunity to the candidates to integrate the theoretical knowledge and instructional aids to try out in the real-life situation.
  • Internship will promote socialization within the profession, stimulates development of teaching-learning concepts, provides a field of experimentations, allows new perspectives and enhances motivation to continue learning and mirroring your individual identity. This would help the teachers to elect, construct, coordinate and perform various classroom activities to have a complete practical exposure.
To conclude, we can say that internship plays a significant and prominent role in the course of teachers’ education.

Candidates will be permitted to take up internships in the premier schools of the country. Also it can be provided by choice in the cities (near to their residence) only after confirmation from the college. A list of select premier schools of the country is being finalized for providing internships.

ABEA and B. K. Birla Public School, Kalyan will coordinate in this regard. Candidates will have to work with the schools to observe lessons, observe teachers, conduct lessons in line with the requirements of the PGDGE.

It is a golden opportunity to rejuvenate the profession of being a Good Teacher and enhance the skill sets.

Our Best Wishes to you all for selecting the novel profession of Teaching.
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