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Teacher training helps an individual to get into the profession of teaching. These courses or curriculum have been created long back by some of the educationists based on their expertise and experiences. These training sessions are mandatory to get into the teaching profession for almost every school in India. But is this one-time training sufficient for a teacher to keep her students engaged in the class every time; whatever strategies and theories have been learned during that training may not be that impactful after a gap of years? Thus a teacher needs to keep updating her/his skills, theoretical knowledge, skills, etc. Such training will help a teacher in getting in tune with constantly changing educational skills, school guidelines, curriculum standards, etc.

In 2021, it is being observed that there is a vast requirement of training of teachers due to change in teaching medium. Most of the schools have adopted the hybrid teaching method. A teacher has to provide socio-emotional support also to students as well as to the parents wherever required. Except for academics, a teacher has to look into so many other matters as well, for which teachers are not trained. There are various schools that took initiative and provided in-house training to their teachers whereas few took help from some training organizations. One of such leading training organizations is Aditya Birla Education Academy (ABEA). ABEA is an organization that helps in the professional development of school staff together, individual willing teachers and students as well.

ABEA is a part of the Aditya Birla Education Trust. ABEA is an opportunity or a platform for educators where they can evolve along with the changing times. They can adapt to contemporary, avant-garde knowledge and adopt innovative tools and resources of teaching, in order to improve, upskill and impart new-age education. ABEA’s mission is “to engage educators in the new-age global processes of education and empower them to evolve into the best knowledge-givers they can be, as they nurture young minds and contribute towards shaping the future”. ABEA provides several advantages to the individuals like highly engaging sessions, synchronous sessions; these programs offer constant feedback & handholding; allows learning from globally renowned faculty and flexibility to join programs from anywhere (online).

ABEA has collaborated with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation for the professional development of their teachers of English medium schools via Project Samarth. For this collaboration, we have hired facilitators who are good in content and can speak English, Hindi, and Marathi as well. These facilitators have been mentored and trained to become effective teachers for adults. ABEA is the organization that helps the facilitators to grow professionally and financially both.
Professional development programs are planned as per the requirement of the schools, teachers. At the present scenario, most of the sessions are focusing on hybrid teaching, use of technology in teaching, socio-emotional help to teachers and students etc. For schools, ABEA follows and plans sessions as per the school requirement; very recently ABEA had the sessions on Bloom's taxonomy along with lesson planning and also about creating multiple choice questions for assessment based on the changes given by CBSE board for the schools.

There are various programs given by ABEA like INSET for schools (CBSE, ICSE, SSC and IB board), where the school’s demand is being addressed by the ABEA team as a whole. There are e-learning programs for individuals as well as to a group with a 6 hours long program divided into 3 sessions. There are micro-sessions for individual teachers looking for online teacher training workshops. Various topics as per the current market needs are decided and then launched for the month. ABEA also provides 1 hour masterclasses with a range of topics free of cost to the people who just want to update themselves with the knowledge.

Organising a workshop is not a single day task, it takes lots of effort and time from the ABEA team as well as from the facilitator. Since these sessions are online, well established facilitators have been selected from various platforms who are willing to collaborate with ABEA, their comfort about the topics is discussed, dates are finalized and then that topic session is launched for the people or the individuals. For all these ABEA is the platform which brings the facilitators and participants for the sessions at one platform. Thus the role of ABEA becomes very important. During all this exercise, facilitators are benefitted as they get the audience for the sessions and get mentored by the ABEA team. Participants get exposure to different topics online, they don’t need to step out by adjusting their schedule and work. They can do it from their home itself.
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Dr. Puja Shrivastava
Manager - Quality and Analyst, Aditya Birla Education Academy

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