• Date
    Session 1 - Tuesday, 12th May 2020
    Session 2 - Friday, 15th May 2020
    Session 3 - Tuesday, 19th May 2020
    Session 4 - Friday, 22nd May 2020
  • Timing
    5:30 pm to 7:00 pm IST
  • Location
  • Meant for:
    Pre-Primary, Primary, and Secondary Special Education Teachers
  • Module Details:

    This program will take a primarily didactic instructional approach for the following purposes:

    - introduction of the related High Leverage Practices (HLPs);

    - connections to in-class activities and examples;

    - discussion of generalization within participants’ settings.

    Multiple examples and resources will be provided. Participants will be encouraged to contribute to discussions to further application of the content presented.

    By the end of the Program, the participants will be able to:

    - Develop an understanding of HLPs by being able to define and provide examples of strategies that fall within each HLP area.

    - Access resources available for HLPs and use these to aid in instructional planning.

    - Identify specific classroom examples for each HLP.

    - Generalize content to diverse settings by developing a plan of action for embedding HLPs into daily practice.

  • Facilitator
    Robin Drogan (Graduate programs coordinator, Associate Professor), Stephanie Gardner (Assistant Professor), Brooke Lylo (Associate Professor), Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania