• Date
    Session 1: 23rd June 2020
    Session 2: 25th June 2020
    Session 3: 27th June 2020
    Session 4: 30th June 2020
    Session 5: 02nd July 2020
    Session 6: 04th July 2020
    Session 7: 07th July 2020
    Session 8: 09th July 2020
    Session 9: 11th July 2020
  • Timing
    4:00 pm to 5:30 pm IST
  • Location
  • Meant for:
    Students of Grades 9 -12
  • Module Details:

    This comprehensive course will help students build a foundation in design and give them an insight into the possible career trajectories they can choose from. Students will learn design principles, practice visualisation. dabble with industry approved tools and put together their own portfolio.

    The key takeaways from this course are:

    • Students get introduced to 2 new softwares that will aid them in the design career they choose.
    • Students learn strong design principles.
    • Students are made aware of international design trends, learn about new resources and online tools.
    • Students learn the right way of compiling their design portfolios with insider tips and tricks.

    This program consists of 13.5 hours of Online Synchronous Learning & 16.5 hours of Assignments & Asynchronous Learning.

    The facilitator, Deshna Kasliwal has a degree in Fine Arts and a Diploma in Interior Design. Deshna has an independent career in Interior Design in association with Studio PKA since the last 4 years and also works as a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator. Her work has been featured across various platforms including Stir, TFOD, Architectural Digest to name a few. She is a proud alumnus of the Aditya Birla World Academy.

  • Facilitator
    Ms. Deshna Kasliwal