• Date
    Session 1 - Wednesday, 03rd June 2020
    Session 2 - Friday, 05th June 2020
    Session 3 - Wednesday, 10th June 2020
    Session 4 - Friday, 12th June 2020
  • Timing
    03:30 pm to 05:00 pm
  • Location
  • Meant for:
    Teachers of primary, middle or senior school
  • Module Details:

    From learning by doing to learning by experiencing - learning in classrooms today needs to be inspired by and connected to the world outside to make it relevant and impactful. Unfortunately, most teaching-learning processes remain in the activity and fun phase, without measuring and reviewing learning and impact. This 4 session module aims to help teachers –

    • Understand the approach and cycle of experiential education
    • Learn about experiences that can be created in class, outside, at home and virtually
    • Become aware of the processes and tools needed to plan, create and measure impact of such experiences
    • Co-create experiences for their own students.

    The program will follow the below schedule:
    Session 1: What is Learning by experience - approach, principles and learning cycle?
    Session 2: What are the different kinds of experiences that can be used – in the class and outside?
    Session 3: How can we design meaningful and relevant learning experiences?
    Session 4: Overcoming challenges of using experiential tools through well-planned, cross-curricular experiences

    By the end of the program, the teachers will be able to
    • Identify within their own curriculum the scope of using experiences
    • Adapt ideas and examples shared to their own curriculum
    • Plan and create learning experiences for their students.

  • Facilitator
    Neha Pradhan Arora