• Date
    Session 1 - Saturday, 2nd May 2020
    Session 2 - Sunday, 3rd May 2020
    Session 3 - Saturday, 9th May 2020
    Session 4 - Sunday,10th May 2020
  • Timing
    11.00 am to 12:30 pm IST
  • Location
  • Meant for:
    Career counsellors and secondary school teachers who aspire to become career counsellors, and provide guidance to students on college application.
  • Module Details:

    This program will cover the following modules as per the plan:
    Session 1: Understanding the WHY, WHEN and HOW of college counselling.
    Session 2: Introduction to application process- How to be a strong applicant?
    Session 3: In depth knowledge of Application Bag- Deadline, Transcripts, LOR’s, Essays, SOP, Extracurricular work, Pre-collegiate exams.
    Session 4: Maintain ZEN at workplace- Department structure.

    By the end of the Program, the participants will be able to:

    - Have a basic understanding of the various stages involves in imparting college counseling to young adults. Importance of college counseling and how college counseling should be provided in various stages of education milestone, and thus beginning the counseling at early age of 14 years of age i.e. grade 8.

    - Cognizance the process of application-When and how one starts to apply, Deadlines (school and university) School profile, Application Bag- LOR, transcripts (International and Indian), curriculum vitae, co- curricular, predicted grade, statement of purpose and essay and Pre-collegiate tests- SAT, ACT, TOFEL AND IELTS.

    - The art of setting down an effective Letter of Recommendation. Including, who to ask for LOR? Brag sheet, lengths and widths of LOR, LOR for UCAS, LOR for countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and other countries.

    - How to build an Effective Career Profile-Three-dimensional view, Two-dimensional view and One-dimensional view, ECA, research papers, community service, internship, online courses, pre-collegiate test.

    - Learning to use application portals such as CommonApp, UCAS, Coalition, Slate, etc. and Application supporters such as Cialfo, BridgeU, Unifrog.

    - ZEN at workplace.

  • Facilitator
    Dr. Sonia Soni