Teacher Training Program on Question Formation Techniques

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This session will indulge in step-by-step process designed to help students produce, improve and strategise on how to use their question. The QFT builds the skill of asking questions, an essential — yet often overlooked — lifelong learning skill that allows people to think critically, feel greater power and self-efficacy, and become more confident and ready to participate in civic life.

Key Takeaways

In this program, participants will be able to:
1. Understand the need of question formation technique in the classroom
2. Execute the steps of question formation technique in their classroom
3. Make connections and plan question formation technique for their subject areas

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Open to all Educators
Shilpa Sharma
STEM Educator

Shilpa Sharma is a certified Maker-Centred Educator from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is pursuing her Masters in STEM education and is a certified educator for Creating Cultures of thinking and Question Formation Techniques from HGSE. She is a passionate STEM educator, working with an IB school. A firm believer in the Design Thinking process, she likes to reinvent herself as well as teaching style by learning new skills and technologies.

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