Why e-learning solutions in teachers' education are the next big thing?

The days of teachers carrying a pack of coloured chalk to class is slowly becoming passé. Digital devices like iPads and laptops have made their way into the lives of educators and their classrooms too! Be it interesting articles online or the plethora of educational videos, teachers today have an array of audio visual aids to make their classroom interactions meaningful.
We can’t deny the need for continuous professional development and the education space is definitely witnessing positive changes in this avenue. Across the country and the various educational boards, teachers are being given opportunities to add notches to their career graphs. Whether it is setting up teacher training cells or creating compulsory training courses, our educational boards are working towards the goal of upskilling its teachers.
Distance learning courses which are time and place effective are also becoming a sought-after choice amongst educators who aspire to keep learning. The added impetus is receiving certificates acknowledging their hard-work which is a great morale booster!
E-learning solutions and their benefits clearly apply to all stakeholders in the educational sector; knowledge sharing not just in the classroom but amongst educators through online communities is also a great new trend that is allowing teachers to reach out and expand their horizons by interacting with other academicians from across the world. It is safe to say that technology in education is a non-disposable tool which can aid in the transformation of our education systems… Image source-Google
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Mr. Prodipta Hore
Program Director, Aditya Birla Education Academy

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