How to make classrooms happy?

Happy teachers and happy children together make happy classrooms. But such classrooms essentially reflect the efforts put in by the teachers. He/She must enjoy teaching, love children, has lot of patience, knows and understands her children, is kind to them and is optimistic. With the end in mind, the teachers work upon the children one micro step at a time.

Covid crisis made both the teaching and understanding children very complex. But like brave warriors, teachers stood up to the requirements, overnight switched over to technology, and ensured that communication channels between them and their students did not stop. This was the necessity for classrooms to continue and with happiness. .

It is necessary that teachers look after themselves, develop their personal and social competencies and continuously learn ways to enhance their skills of handling situations. And with these skills, they are striving each day during the Covid crisis, to send the message to the world that 'this too shall pass.....never give up and show must go ON'! .

Image source-This was a part of a presentation made by Mrs. Minakshi Kushwaha during her Masterclass on Happy Classrooms on 8th June 2020
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Mrs. Minakshi Kushwaha
Principal, Birla Vidya Niketan,
New Delhi

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