Creating Engaging Learning Environment: Teachers Matter

Tech savvy generation and the learning environment today is connected across the globe with the world on their palms. The new concept of being smart learner is how quick one is getting hooked to the latest tech trends. Google generation is thoroughly engaged in online platforms, gaming gadgets and social media. Tapping this potential of technology by the teachers to create active learning environments is of crucial importance.

Teachers matter and play a pivotal role in transforming the learning environment in schools. Empowering teachers with contextual cognitive tools to create engaging and engrossing learning environments is the way forward. Embracing emerging trends in adoption of tech tools to bring in pedagogical innovations is of utmost importance by all educators in digital era. these Teachers, therefore, need to be creative thinkers to generate ideas for learning environments that are innovative, interesting and inspiring.

Crucial Questions that drive the notion of active learning environments would be:
  • What are the digital era pedagogies that would engage learners in classrooms?
  • How to use tech tools to generate the learner centric environments?
  • How to make learners partners, within curriculum, in decision making of content planning?
  • How to innovate in curriculum planning to focus on skills and competencies of 21st century?
  • Which tech tools would help in better delivery mechanisms of lessons planned?
  • How to make assessment strategies more effective to reinforce the understanding of concepts?
  • What needs to be done to prepare students for global citizenship?
Understanding of the designs of learning environments that are specific learning outcome oriented helps to identify the discrete tech tools supporting the context.

Learner Centered Environments: Awareness of the learning styles, Gartner's theory of multiple intelligence and the cultural diversity of the students is the key to ensure every child is learning and progressing. Flexible learning environments that encourage engagement of students in learning process not only as per his pace but also as per his learning style.
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Veena Raizada
Educational Consultant

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