• Date
    Session 1- Saturday, 11th April 2020
    Session 2- Saturday, 18th April 2020
    Session 3- Saturday, 25th April 2020
    Session 4- Saturday, 02nd May 2020
  • Location
    Project ECHO – Online Platform
  • Meant for:
    Primary & Middle School Teachers
  • Module Details:

    This program is divided into 4 live sessions of 90 minutes each. The curriculum as designed for this Program will follow the following sequence:
    - Meaning of Formative Assessment
    - Distinguish between formative and summative assessment
    - Discuss characteristics of authentic formative assessment
    - Design strategies for formative assessment
    - Reflect on the importance of formative assessment in teaching and learning

    By the end of the programme participants will be able to:
    • Understand the meaning and characteristics of formative assessments
    • Design meaningful formative assessment strategies, which can be used in the classroom, using a forthcoming lesson plan.
  • Facilitator
    Indira Subramanian