• Date
    Session 1- Friday, 03rd April 2020
    Session 2- Friday, 10th April 2020
    Session 3- Friday, 17th April 2020
    Session 4- Friday, 24th April 2020
  • Location
    Project ECHO – Online Platform
  • Meant for:
    Teachers & Administrators at all levels
  • Module Details:

    This program is divided into 4 live sessions of 90 minutes each. Candidates will have the opportunity to get introduced to onlinetools and Google for Education to make learning more personalised and easy to manage.
    Each session will focus on the following:
    - Classroom, Docs, Form
    - Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Introduction to Adobe Spark
    - Classroom on Mobile, Spark on Mobile, Introduction to Prezi
    - Blogspot, Capstone Project (Initiated and completed in 7 days)

    By the end of the programme participants will be able to use online tools to:
    • make learning interesting and flexible
    • conduct assessments for learning
    • differentiate instructions using technology
    • use smartphones to create assignments and plan lessons
    • plan projects to develop critical thinking and creative thinking skills
  • Facilitator
    Arindam Paul