• Date
    17th April 2020
  • Location
    Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai
  • Meant for:
  • Module Details:

    Teachers will be guided in developing curriculum (taught/written/assessed) that encompasses effective learning and pedagogical approaches, including inquiry and conceptual learning with increased student agency. This workshop answers questions related to quality education, active learning, steps for planning inquiry, usage of assessments to drive learning, and reflection on change. All participants create individual action plans focusing on what is required to make classes more inquiry driven and how they can ensure that assessment takes place for learning.

    • Understanding the different types of inquiry and when to use each
    • Experience in using inquiry to gain deeper and more effective learning.
    • Appreciating the interplay between the written, taught and assessed curriculum.
    • Examining the relationship between skill development and inquiry.
  • Facilitator
    Malcolm Nicolson