• Date
    13th February 2020 (Noida), 14th February (Gurgaon), 15th February 2020 (Mumbai)
  • Location
    Noida – Pathways School
    Gurgaon – Lancers International School
    Mumbai – Aditya Birla World Academy
  • Timing
  • Meant for:
  • Module Details:

    This workshop conducted by faculty from Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins University has been designed for teachers and academic staff to better understand working with high ability students and to identify and develop their students’ academic talents. The modules covered are as follows;

    • Characteristics of high ability students and manifestations in the classroom
    • Common misperceptions of high ability students
    • What research tells us about high ability students
    • Twice exceptional students
    • The importance of the classroom environment and classroom community

    The day ends with a hands-on examination of some instructional strategies designed to spark students’ interest in learning.

  • Facilitator
    Mr. Simeon Brodsky, Director, CTY International & Ms. Susanna Holm, Project Manager, CTY International