• Date
    Monday, 5th October, 2020
  • Timing
    5:00 pm to 6:00 pm IST
  • Location
  • Meant for:
    Teachers & School Leaders
  • Module Details:

    Leaders some say are born not made. Still others say that good leaders can be made. Many others say that everyone has a leader in him or her, all that it needs is the right situation. Whatever be the veracity of the above statements, we are aware that for an organisation-educational or otherwise to make a mark –one must have a leader. What then are the characteristics of leadership? Does it take a different kind of person to be a leader in the Educational sector? I so what does one expect and need from a leader in the academic arena?

    If Leadership is about taking an organisation ahead, what then is Mentorship? Do all leaders qualify to be mentors? What then are the key indicators that differentiate a mentor from a leader.

    Let us explore in the Masterclass on “Educational Leadership-Being a good mentor”, the definition of mentorship. Identify Mentorship styles, mentor roles, the makings of a mentor and the need for good mentors. With many private players entering the academic field and corporate houses setting up their own institutions, they bring along with them a different style of functioning. As we examine the value and expertise of experience, government and private institutions with their contribution to society-let us together discuss the role of mentorship in academic institutions.

  • Facilitator
    Ms. Ranjini Krishnaswamy, Director - Dosti Foundation School & Educational Consultant