ABEA Workshop Series on Concept Based Teaching & Learning
15th - 16 th November, 2019 Mumbai
Ms. Cathy Jones & Mr. Ted Cowan, High School Vice – Principals from United World College of South East Asia, Singapore conducted 2 workshops on Concept Based Teaching & Learning at Mumbai.

The first workshop witnessed participation of teachers from 11 schools across Maharashtra and the second workshop was exclusively held for the teachers of the Aditya Birla World Academy.

Participant Feedback

It was extremely interesting to be exposed to the idea of concept based learning. The facilitators were amazing and had a wide range of examples for us to work with. The session was quite hands on which allowed us to think about how to use this in our context.
Gomathy Hariharan, The Gateway School of Mumbai

I liked the way the facilitators took the time to connect with the participants and highlighted crucial examples along the way to bring this kind of thinking in the classroom. The diversity of the participants in terms of grade levels also helped to see things from different perspectives.
Reshma Sipahimalani, Hill Spring International School

This was a very useful and well-planned workshop! The progression of the sessions were smooth and well-executed.
Gayatri Vishwanathan, Aditya Birla World Academy

This was really a good workshop, and the best part was that it was relevant to what we teach. Often PDs can be a bit too philosophical and unusable in the classroom; but this one was very practical. It was clear that the facilitators are actual GCSE teachers who step into the classroom and know the requirements of learners. I am very glad to have attended this.
Nishant Dexter, Aditya Birla World Academy