Penn Graduate School of Education’s VOLT Online Workshop Series
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Penn GSE's Virtual Online Teaching (VOLT) Online Workshop Series is designed for educational instructors teaching K-12 or higher level. The program helps teachers understand the various ways in which different technologies can be used for content delivery, learner support, differentiating instruction, formative and summative evaluation, and classroom engagement. This program prepares teachers with the digital competencies required to ensure they are able to meet the requirements of an increasingly technology enhanced classroom, even after the COVID-19 crises is past.

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The program introduces teachers to adopting more student-centred approaches, and move away from the traditional teacher-centred approach, to empower learners and promote student agency.
Certification from Ivy League University – Penn GSE
Learn from world renowned faculty
Learn to design cognitively rich online & in-person learning environments
Gain a new understanding of learner needs in a post - Covid world
Course Curriculum
Virtual Online Teaching Certificate Program in Mumbai
  • Program Structure
    Synchronous Online Learning: 10 hours
    Asynchronous Learning (Reading, Reflections): 10 hours
    Project Work: 10 hours
  • Dates
    21st, 23rd, 25th, 28th June & 2nd July
  • Timings
    5:30 pm to 7:30 pm IST
  • Modules
    • Learning and technology in today's world
    • Learning Theories
    • Scaffolding Learning
    • Assessments
    • Digital Literacies
  • Fees
    ₹12,000 + 18% GST
    Early Bird: Register & Pay ₹10,000 + 18% GST before 31st March 2021
Faculty Spotlight
Betty Chandy
L. Michael Golden
  • Profile
    Director – VOLT and EXACT Program, UPenn GSE
  • Qualification
    Ph.D. in Education from UPenn
  • Experience
    Betty Chandy started her career as a K-12 teacher, and then moved into research exploring the impact of professional development on teachers’ pedagogical practices. Her work with the NSF funded research program Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) sought to bring cutting-edge technology, curriculum, and instruction to Philadelphia ninth- and tenth-grade students. Her research explores teachers’ adoption of technology and the influence of teacher beliefs and attitudes on classroom instruction.

    Inspired by the newest education technologies solutions, Betty's work interests include design of learning environments, online teaching and learning, and use of innovative technology within classrooms. She has worked extensively with professional development technology for teachers in the School District of Philadelphia. She has developed and conducted technology workshops for various target groups such as students, teachers, as well as school and higher education administrators.
  • Profile
    Executive Director, Catalyst, UPenn GSE
  • Qualification
    Ed.D. from UPenn, MBA from Harvard
  • Experience
    Michael is a proven education leader committed to education reform. He brings expertise in the convergence of business, technology, and education as an implementer with experience in established, emergent, and public sector environments. Most recently, Dr. Golden co-founded and served as CEO of Educurious, a non-profit corporation that provides project-based courses and professional development aimed at motivating students to become purposeful, self-confident, and successful in their learning.

    Dr. Golden began his career in education as Deputy Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, where he set strategy, policy, programs, and legislation for over two million students. As Deputy Secretary, he developed systems and directed funding to make schools more effective and efficient, including formulating and implementing statewide education technology policies and initiatives. He envisioned and rolled out a groundbreaking $250 million reform to embed student-centered, inquiry-based, data-driven pedagogy in Pennsylvania's 622 high schools through connected classrooms and one-to-one computing environments. 
Here's what they have to say about UPenn Graduate School of Education’s Virtual Online Teaching Certificate (VOLT) Program!
Testimonials on virtual online teaching school
Rinku Banerjee
Batch: Volt 16
It is very rightly said that learning happens from womb to tomb. I personally experienced this getting enrolled in PennGSE for VOLT Track 2 which is a course of 30 weeks. Attending the five days face to face workshop was the first session of getting acquainted to the course. It was a great learning with the resource people coming from the same University.

The learning process mainly began with use of digital technology in our teaching process. We learnt many technicalities which can make the teaching interesting and learning everlasting; students need to be independent learners through activities, self-designed ways of learning and varied projects.

Students need to be digital immigrants and not remain simply literate. As a teacher, I personally feel that we too have got enough exposure to use of digital technology in our routine teaching classes. Assignments and Assessments can be designed more innovatively and interestingly. Use of technology will surely save our time and energy.

Attending the classes of virtual training proves that there is no end to any learning.
Pinkey Singh
Batch: Volt 16
The five Day face to face workshop on VOLT was indeed an enriching experience where I got an opportunity to explore and enhance my teaching skills through technology based education program. The way the ice-breaking session began was a candid approach to interact with fellow participants and build team work. The resource persons Betty, Lara, Michael and Catrice with their intense knowledge conducted these sessions confidently and reached us fruitfully. I’ve already started working on this project by calling it in their terms ‘Immersive Learning’. Not even once I felt that it was in vain as they explained, discussed and reviewed the details elaborately. We were involved throughout this workshop with more to learn ahead.
Manisha Lasrado
Batch: Volt 16
With emerging technological trends, there appears to be a need to focus more on digital literacies in an ever expanding digital environment. The idea that students can learn independently and assess their own learning is fascinating. This not only encourages them to think freely, but also to move away from a traditional system of accepting everything that is fed to them in a classroom. At a time where there’s a need to evaluate the accuracy of information, I think digital literacy is important, for it helps to shake up old systems and creates a new working environment. It also bares importance to mention that the course does emphasize on cyber safety. Ultimately student success would depend on how well they can adapt to ever changing problems in a digital age.

The VOLT (Virtual Online Teaching Certificate) Program offered by Penn GSE was engaging and interactive. It provided a healthy mix of theory along with some hands on experience. The program covered strategies to enhance skills and introduced us to new age tools that act as a support for both the facilitators and students across all spheres. The experience of interacting with the faculty from Penn GSE was a positive one. The team took the time to address all queries and provided examples at every stage to help deepen our understanding. It is a course I would highly recommend and hope to be part of the new wave.
Hina Chandrapota
Batch: Volt 16
Aditya Birla Education Academy is trying to implement innovative programs to affect student outcomes in a positive way. Implementing learning styles for teaching beyond the traditional classroom, along with using technology and having fun at the same time is exactly what VOLT is all about. I couldn’t think of a greater opportunity and am thankful for attending this course which is extremely insightful. Being able to experience it as a student, in a classroom set up with other teachers was a brilliant way to start the course and internalize the theory and practice. I often say to myself, “To make the students excited about learning and feel like a valued member in the classroom, a variety of strategies and evaluation methods have to be used in our instructions”. Hence, we need to evolve and adapt our style to the changing dynamics of the classroom regularly. As this course has kept me involved and interested from the beginning, I am looking forward to be enriched and engaged with the rest of the programme as well. I believe “The best teachers continue to learn and grow”.
Michelle Rego
Batch: Volt 16
The VOLT programme conducted by the Penn Graduate School of Education was an amazing learning experience. The purpose of the workshop was clearly stated and met all of my expectations. The incredible variety of strategies, the facilitation tips, the content and the organisation was truly wonderful. It has given me the opportunity to grow and learn about myself as an educator and as a person.

The workshop transformed me both professionally and personally. The ideas were excellent and the delivery was well presented by our trainers- Betty, Michael, Lara and I am already feeling energised and eager to start using my new teaching tools in class. The workshop was very interactive and kept all of us engaged and active.

I would strongly recommend this workshop to those who want to teach the young minds with a difference.
Allison Gubanich
Batch: Volt 16
Curriculum and Instruction Leader, AIM Academy, Pennsylvania

“As an educator, the VOLT program was invaluable for pushing me to expand the walls of my classroom and re-conceptualize what teaching and learning should look like. The online format allowed me to immediately apply course material to my professional practice, and, as a result, my students benefitted greatly from my enrollment. Their level of engagement sustains itself long after they leave our physical meeting space, largely because of what I learned in the VOLT program about creating a sense of community in an online sphere. Bolstering my curriculum with virtual teaching methods also means that much of my students’ work—from weekly blog posts to video reflections—is collected online for easy retrieval or long-term storage.”
Maria Geiger
Batch: Volt 15
Adjunct Professor, Monmouth University, New Jersey

“Completing the VOLT Program was one of the best decisions I ever made. While I initially enrolled in the program to learn the latest emerging technologies concerning instructional design and assessment, I came away with so much more. As an instructor who knows that students need to be engaged to learn, I appreciate how the VOLT Program presented best practices to engage all students (irrespective of subject matter), whether online or in a traditional brick and mortar building. The balance of synchronous and asynchronous learning was perfect; I worked at my own pace for most assignments, but welcomed the sense of community that the weekly synchronous sessions offered. The very best part of the VOLT Program was participating as a student myself. With knowledgeable and always accessible VOLT instructors as models, I learned firsthand that online learning is engaging, innovative, and a necessary part of our increasingly digitally connected world.”
Samantha Clarke
Batch: Volt 15
Teacher, Ridley SD, Pennsylvania

“Through VOLT, I was able to learn about the purpose of technology in the classroom and the benefits for students' lifelong success in the digital world. The program gave me access to a variety of tools, on the iPad and online, that I use to teach in the classroom and make the content more engaging for my students. I also acquired a list of applications, which allow my students to create richer content that is authentic and create seamless collaboration. In addition, through reflection and discussions with cohort members, I was able to analyze the purpose of the technological tools I used in the classroom and their intended purpose.”
Alonna Berry
Batch: Volt 15
Manager, Alumni & Teacher Impact, Teach For America Delaware

“As an educator, who now supports new teachers in classrooms, I wanted to learn more about technology and education to better support the students in my state. VOLT seemed like a great way to do that. VOLT allowed me the flexibility to attend classes online while building a network with other educators across the country. Every class was taught by a different instructor who valued technology and teaching different ways. Regardless of the class or instructor, I always left each week with a new idea, concept or platform to share with teachers. VOLT truly changed the way I think about instruction for both adult learners and student learners.”
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