University of Nottingham's PGCert & CPD Program
07th to 12th April
Between 07th to 12th April 2019, Aditya Birla Education Academy kickstarted the PGCert Program in Educational Leadership & Management along with a Continuous Professional Development Program on Practice Based Inquiry. Dr. Ashley from University of Nottingham facilitated the programs.

Testimonials from participants:
Sincere thanks to ABEA and Dr Ashley. I hope you invite us for such workshops again. It was the best I have attended so far. The pace was perfect, the content was clearly transacted, feedback was valuable and we were all well looked after as well. It is a great initiative by ABEA. Hope to stay in touch.
- Valentine Borges, Muktangan (CPD Participant)

The workshop was interactive. Its fruitful to develop continuous professional development. We received detail knowledge about Action Research. Its cent percent excellent and useful.
- Sanjay Marathe, Sevasadan (CPD Participant)

The complete experience was enriching to say the least. Not only the facilitator but all the members of the Aditya Birla Academy with whom we interacted were more than helpful and contributed in providing us a wholesome experience.
- Ashish Arora, Scindia School (PGCert Participant)

Dr. Ashley is a great support. I hope we get her back for the next module.
- Sheetalkumar Masade, Sarala Birla Academy (PGCert Participant)