ABEA Workshop on Problem Solving for Mathematics Competitions
12th January, 2020 Mumbai
Dr. James Tanton conducted a workshop for students of Grades 7 & 8 in Mumbai on Problem Solving for Mathematics Competitions. We had 25 students from schools across Mumbai who participated in this highly interactive session.

Participant Feedback:

I really love mathematics. The best part in today’s session was the questioning of formulas.
- Vwama Chheda, Grade 7, JBCN International School

The workshop was very insightful and engaging. It gave us a whole new interesting approach to problem solving and proving. Dr. Tanton was very kind and helpful as he explained it with immense ease.
- Aadit Shah, Grade 8, Aditya Birla World Academy

Today I learned a lot. Some of the puzzles like the blue and white ones were pretty challenging. But with an amazing explanation, I was able to understand. I would want to do something like this again.
- Aayush Modi, Grade 7, BD Somani International School

I liked how the questions of the class were a lot of fun as well as hard, making me want to learn math.
- Aman Kothari, Grade 7, BD Somani International School

Thank you for making this workshop very interesting. It taught me to think outside the box.
- Anainah Adajania, Grade 8, The Cathedral & John Connon School

Today I learnt Inequalities and how to solve problems in math. We solved several questions on it and it helped me a lot.
- Khushi Bhatia, Grade 7, Podar International School