• Date
    Session 1: Monday, 17th May 2021
    Session 2: Wednesday, 19th May 2021
    Session 3: Friday, 21st May 2021
  • Timing
    17:00 Hrs to 19:00 Hrs IST
  • Location
  • Meant for
  • Module Details

    Maker centred education allows students creative ways to design, experiment, build, and invent. Makerspaces are a great way for students to experiment with their school’s curriculum and develop real-world skills at the same time.  

    This workshop aims to give participants a deeper understanding of what maker centred education is and how it can be used in schools to support teaching. This workshop is also designed to help teachers come up with making projects and ideas to fit into their school’s curriculum as well as help them to understand which resources they can use.

    Session 1: Course introduction & setting goals

    - Identification of needs and goals for each participant and relevant populations.

    - Hands on-Making session 

    - Understanding what maker spaces are 

    - Introduction to the workshop- “What, Why and Hows”

    Session 2: Maker spaces

    Exploring the experiential technologies and resources surrounding maker spaces. Exploring virtual tools to

    - Share

    - Make

    - Collaborations

    - Connect students to NEED 

    Session 3: Stay motivated

    Analyzing your school’s curriculum/subjects to create maker space opportunities; brainstorm maker space projects for your classroom. Exploring design thinking, genius hour and PBL frameworks as enhancers of maker spaces.

    Key Takeaways:

    - Learn to thoughtfully develop maker-centred learning experiences to meet the goals of your learning environment

    - Become familiar with an instructional framework that supports maker-centred learning

    - Integrate making into the curriculum and lesson plans

    - Dig into the technologies and resources surrounding makerspaces 

    - Gain a deeper understanding of what a maker-centred education is and the goals/disciplines involved in them

  • Fees

    Rs 2000
    (Inclusive of 18% GST)
    Participants will receive a Certificate on completion of the course and evaluation.

  • Facilitator
    Shilpa Sharma, Certified Maker Centred Educator