• Date
    Friday, 16th April 2021
  • Timing
    16:30 Hrs to 17:30 Hrs IST
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    In the Covid pandemic and post-pandemic education environment, students who are effective self-managed learners have a huge advantage over those who are not.

    There has never been a greater need in the education community for training in all the ATL and 21st C skills of effective self-managed learning.

    The LALATAT platform has been built to help provide for that need. The LALATAT free Remote Learning portal contains 19 strands and 63 individual exercises that students can complete either in class or remotely which give them all the training they need in the core skills of remote self-managed learning.

    These skill strands are:

    • Time and task management
    • Self-motivation, overcoming procrastination, generating urgency, persevering
    • Setting up their home study environment, concentrating, eliminating distractions
    • Creating and maintaining digital collaborations, forming study groups
    • Writing goals, setting goals and achieving goals
    • Self-assessment, learning from mistakes, failing well
    • Effective searching and researching, choosing appropriate media, recognising media perspectives and bias, IP rights, referencing and copyright
    • Summarising key points from written and video sources
    • Developing evidence based arguments, creating multi-media presentations

    Teachers can use these exercises as the basis of ATL or 21st C skills lessons for students to complete in class or at home and these exercises can also be built into normal subject lessons to give students practice in using all the key ATL/21st C skills within every subject.

    This webinar will introduce participants to the free Remote Learning portal and show them how to use it to improve the effectiveness of their students’ learning especially in a remote learning environment.

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  • Facilitator
    Lance King, ATL Consultant & Expert