• Date
    Session 1: Thursday, 28th January 2021
    Session 2: Friday, 29th January 2021
    Session 3: Thursday, 04th February 2021
    Session 4: Friday, 05th February 2021
  • Timing
    17:00 Hrs to 18:30 Hrs IST
  • Location
  • Meant for
    High School Teachers
  • Module Details

    What does a teacher want most for students - an opportunity to attain success in school, at university and eventually in life. In order to navigate an uncertain environment, it is not only content knowledge, but deep understanding and transferable skills that will enable both the teacher and the student to develop a pathway extending from the four pillars of the classroom into real life. In order to go beyond, all of us – teachers and students would benefit from being able to:

    ·  Think critically

    ·  Solve problems effectively

    ·  Conduct research accurately

    ·  Communicate clearly and

    ·  Collaborate.

    The good news is that all these skills can be learned – the workshop we propose is curated from years of teaching across both national and international Boards of Education. It is best for teachers who engage with students at the High School level, across varied subjects.

    Through the interactions, teachers and their students will benefit by being able to:

    1. Develop and communicate your own ideas clearly.

    2. Debate, discuss and develop your own point of view, as well as consider the viewpoints of others.

    3. Learn how to reason well, using a protocol.

    4. Deepen understanding of academic subjects by using the practical skills learned above.

    Mona Seervai and Meher Ursekar have over a decade of experience teaching Theory of Knowledge in the IB Board. They have been trained in conceptual understanding and critical thinking, and together have worked to develop a framework, which will benefit all students across various curriculums. By working with teachers, they hope to share ideas, and a practical toolkit, which can be taken into classrooms, so that students may be able to work through the exercises proposed.

    This workshop will span four 90 minute sessions. The format will include active participation, small group discussions, practical work on protocols, and we hope to build on participants' own subject expertise. Between the two weeks, participants will be expected to complete a task, thus developing practice. 

  • Fees

    Rs 2000
    (Inclusive of 18% GST)
    Participants will receive a Certificate on completion of the course and evaluation.

  • Facilitator
    Mona Seervai and Meher Ursekar