• Date
    Session 1: Wednesday, 20th January 2021
    Session 2: Wednesday, 27th January 2021
    Session 3: Wednesday, 10th February 2021
    Session 4: Wednesday, 17th February 2021
    Session 5: Wednesday, 03rd March 2021
    Session 6: Wednesday, 10th March 2021
  • Timing
    18:30 Hrs to 20:00 Hrs IST
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    The Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development at the University of Connecticut, is one of the leading centers in the world in the area of gifted education and talent development. Their work in talent development and gifted education is based on practical applications of over four decades of research, as are the direct services we provide to teachers, administrators, researchers, and policy makers throughout the world. The Renzulli Center is also well-known for the School Wide Enrichment Model (SEM) and the resulting technology-based learning system. The School Wide Enrichment Model is one of the best-known enrichment models in the world, and it is used in thousands of schools in the United States, Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia. 

    SEM provides enriched learning experiences and higher learning standards for all children through three goals:

    o developing talents in all children,

    o providing a broad range of advanced-level enrichment experiences for all students, and

    o providing advanced follow-up opportunities for young people based on their strengths and interests.

    The SEM online class includes seven easy to follow modules:

    ·       Module 1: Overview of The Schoolwide Enrichment Module

    ·       Module 2: Comprehensive Strength Based Activities

    ·       Module 3: The Enrichment Triad Model

    ·       Module 4: Curriculum Compacting

    ·       Module 5: Enrichment Clusters

    ·       Module 6: Enrichment Infusion

    ·       Module 7: Renzulli Learning

    Course duration: 8 weeks of Asynchronous classes including video lectures and 6 synchronous classes of 90 minutes each  

    On successful completion of the course and evaluation, participants will receive a Certificate from The Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development, University of Connecticut. 

  • Fees

    Rs 4000
    (Inclusive of 18% GST)
    Participants will receive a Certificate on completion of the course and evaluation.

  • Facilitator
    Dr. Joseph Renzulli, Dr. Sally Reis, Nicole Waicunas