Multiple Approaches to Assessment - Workshop by Dr. Sara Tours
10-13th June, 2019 Mumbai
Aditya Birla Education Academy organised a workshop for the Professional Development for educators from various schools at Mumbai from 10 – 13th June, 2019. It was facilitated by Dr. Sara Tours, Assistant Professor, Slippery Rock University, Pennsylvania. The workshop focused on defining assessments, its uses, types of assessments, choosing the right measure and creating assessments. The workshop was conducted over four half days.

Testimonials from participants:
The half day format worked real well. The workshop leader was very invested and incorporated all learning objectives of the group.
- Varsha Agarwal Rodewald, Ascend International School

Conducting workshops in the span of four hours and not the entire day long was a great idea. We went home with a lot of learning each day and any more would be above our saturation points. Well, that's my opinion...!!!
- Dipali Dedhia, JBCN International School

It was very informative with regards to the various types of assessments. Thanks a lot for giving us a chance to take one.
- Amey Anil Mahajan, The Universal School

I would love to attend more workshops conducted by the trainer and also any workshop meant specially for early childhood. The trainer really scaffolded our learning well with her expertise and gave me a lot of insight on the topic.
- Shubhra Irani, JBCN International School