Lead the Way – A Conclave for Educators
16th April, 2019 Hyderabad
Tuesday, 16th April at CHIREC International School in Hyderabad saw a gathering of approximately 75 educators and school leaders from various leading schools in the city. They were part of the Aditya Birla Education Academy & Mpower’s Lead the Way conclave for educators.

The conclave was held with the aim to serve as a platform for educators to come together and discuss and shed light on the ever changing trends in education. Mental health awareness was also a vital part of the day’s discussions.

The event began with a rather riveting address by Dr Santanu Paul, CEO & MD, TalentSprint who spoke about how software has created disruptions in different businesses like shopping (Amazon), recruitment (Linkedin), transport (Uber), hotels (Airbnb), etc. Similarly, education is not immune to disruption. Right from printing books to classrooms and currently the internet, it has all led to an evolution within the education system over the last 200 years.

The panel discussion which took place next was moderated by the experiencedMsIffat Ibrahim, Principal, CHIREC International School. The topic put forth to the panel and audience was – In the race towards e-learning, is the teaching profession losing its human touch? The eminent panelists for this were Ms AnjumBabukhan, Director-Education, Glendale Academy International, Edvantage Teacher Leadership Institute & Glendale Group of Institutions, Mr. Chaitanya MRSK, Co - Founder & CEO, Teach for Change Trust, Ms. DeepthiRavula, CEO, WE HUB, Government of Telangana and Mr. Soumeet Lanka, Co-Founder, Better by Design. The discussion brought out many interesting opinions such as Teachers need to embrace technology and use it to enhance interactions in the classroom; but to a limited extent. Sometimes limited resources help students to think innovatively. The corporate world needs employees who are not only brilliant at their jobs, but also have a balanced EQ and are well rounded individuals. The panellists also stated that students need to be made comfortable with failure and learning should be inculcated as an emergent quality. Lastly, also that the success of teachers can be measured by their effective use of technology, while gamification can be used as an assessment tool in the classroom.

After this discussion, Mr ProdiptaHore, Program Director, Aditya Birla Education Academy, made a swift and precise presentation to enlighten the audience about the academy and its offerings. This was followed by an immersive address by Dr Savita Date Menon, Clinical Psychologist & Wellness Specialist. Dr. Menon spoke about 5 thumb rules that teachers can follow in the classroom:
  • Recognise & reward success but do not punish failure
  • Students hold on to negative memories more than positive ones; teachers must invest in making positive memories for students.
  • Teaching style should be a blend of the iron hand and the velvet glove, knowing which situation demands what style.
  • Reprimand the behaviour & not the child.
  • Encourage students to dream and help them channelize their dreams in the right direction.
Before concluding the day’s proceedings, a group discussion led by Ms. ManasiGokhale from Mpower created a collaborative space for the educators as various mental health concerns and issues were raised and discussed with great the idea to find solutions to the growing challenges that students today are faced with.